Horner impatient for Renault to fast-track upgrades

Red Bull is urging Renault to try to fast-track the introduction of Formula 1 engine upgrades for this season, on the back of some promising results from dyno testing.

Renault has been evaluating new prototype single-cylinder solutions at its Viry-Chatillon headquarters, and early results from that are said to be encouraging.

And although testing them on full engines and then introducing them to the race track is not achievable instantly, Red Bull boss Christian Horner wants Renault to do everything it can to get them racing this season.

"Like any competitive team we want performance yesterday, and unfortunately with engines the lead time is a lot longer than with the chassis," said Horner in an interview with the official F1 website.

"Patience is something that we are not really good at. We want to have performance as soon as possible..."

When asked to clarify how soon he wanted that to be, Horner said: "From where the concept is at the moment you are probably looking at least at a couple of months. Two to three months.

"It needs to happen this year - but also what you learn this year will help you next season."

Progress positive

After relations between Red Bull and Renault were pushed to breaking point earlier this season, the situation appears to have calmed down in recent weeks.

Horner said that he was still encouraged by the news coming out of Viry.

"As far as I am aware I think that they are making good progress on their dyno," he said.

"They now have some strategic decisions about implementation, and the direction they want to take their development for the rest of this season - and that has an enormous impact on next year."

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