Hamilton set to run first in Monaco Q3

Lewis Hamilton will get first choice about whether to run in front of teammate Nico Rosberg in Q3 at the Monaco Grand Prix, as part of a deal agreed with his bosses at the start of the season.

With his Mercedes team returning to the scene of last year's qualifying controversy, when Hamilton's effort to take pole position was scuppered when Rosberg ran off the track ahead of him, the Briton will be able to avoid being behind his teammate on track this year.

This is thanks to a pre-season arrangement laid down by Mercedes chiefs for Rosberg and Hamilton to share out which driver can chose the order they run in for the final qualifying showdown.

Sometimes it is an advantage to go last, when track conditions are at their best, whereas on other occasions it can be better to run first.

In Monaco it makes sense to go first and run in front of as many cars as possible, unless track conditions are rapidly improving which could happen if it had rained and was drying out.

Coin flip decision

Before the opening race in Melbourne, Hamilton and Rosberg flipped a coin to decide who got first choice.

Rosberg chose to go first in Australia, with the option when to run being shared out at alternate races afterwards.

That means it is Hamilton's turn on whether or not to run first or second in Monaco this time around – whereas 12 months ago Rosberg had that choice.

With traffic and the possibility of yellow flags ruining the chances of a clean lap, it makes sense for Hamilton to go first, thereby ensuring that he is more in control of his own destiny this time around.

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