Hamilton says he can party and still win races

Lewis Hamilton says his current lifestyle is no interference in winning in Formula 1, despite having faced criticism over it recently.

Hamilton's former boss at McLaren Ron Dennis said last week that he did not approve of the Briton's lifestyle and that he would not have allowed that in his team.

The world champion, in response, stressed that this year he tried to find a balance between racing and having fun socially away from the track.

"To be honest, this is the first year that I've ever really done it," Hamilton told BBC Radio 1. "And you know what, I'd be partying, I'd turn up, and I'd win the race.

"I think honestly up until this year, I would never really go out. I think last year I went out like three times, I was just so focussed. But it's too extreme.

"This year I guess has been a real transition for me. My friends would be like, 'Hey do you want to go out for a drink, or come to dinner?,' and in the past I'd be, 'No, I've got to be up training.'

"Now I make sure I do it, and I do the training. You've got to get the balance, and this year it's been amazing.

"It's been one of the most successful - the most successful year - in my whole career. It was just great that when people were writing all those stories, I'd turn up and I'd perform. So I'm going to continue."

Hamilton also revealed that he has changed his contract to allow him to indulge in activities that drivers would not normally be allowed to do.

"I do everything, I wake-board, I ski, I skydive. I kind of took the dangerous sports clause out of my contract, and try to do it with a nice balance," he said.

"I don't want to go through my whole F1 career only driving, but of course I don't want to be sitting watching someone else driving my car. So I am very, very cautious when I do things, but I am a bit crazy.

"I enjoy it, and you've got to enjoy your work, you work so hard and it's a long, long year, and you've got to make sure you work hard, play hard."

"I wish I could go on holiday"

Hamilton also suggested his motivation had not been the same since he wrapped up his third title.

"You still have to commit and work super hard, but for sure you're kind of like, 'My job is done, I wish the season was over, I wish I could go on holiday.'

"But you still arrive at those next races, there's a lot of people in this team that continue to work, so you've got to match them.

"It wasn't as successful as the rest of the year, but still second in those races was not too bad. It's true it doesn't make any difference to the championship, but I never like losing."

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