Haas critics are just jealous - Grosjean

Romain Grosjean says the critics of the Haas F1 team's approach are just jealous of the American squad's performance in its first two races.

The French driver finished sixth in Australia and fifth in Bahrain, making for a sensational debut in grand prix racing for Haas.

But some rivals have questioned the American team's approach to F1, hinting that Haas is not a real constructor as many of its components are supplied by Ferrari.

Grosjean reckons that what Haas is doing is good for the sport, and rivals should not be criticising it.

When asked whether the critics of his team were jealous, the Frenchman said: "One hundred percent."

"There are two approaches. There is the Claire Williams approach which is very nice, that it is very good for F1, there is a new team coming, and on top of that an American team and being successful it opens up the audience, opens up to a big country.

"Opens up ideas to other people that want to join F1 and I am sure we would love to see 24, 26, 28 cars on the grid, it would be awesome.

"Then there are other people who are just jealous because they haven't achieved what we have so far. They say it is a Ferrari B-spec, and not the way it should be. Come on. It is F1..."

Grosjean said that Ferrari's amount of help is no different to what Lotus was receiving form Mercedes last season.

"No more than I was doing with Mercedes last year. Everyone likes to say it is a Ferrari B-spec, but it is not.

"It is a completely different philosophy if you look at the wings and the sidepods, the nose, it is a Haas car. Yes we have the mechanical parts from Ferrari which saved us a lot of hassle but the rest is a Haas car."

Team boss Gunther Steiner said that, despite some criticism, most of the F1 field have welcome Haas' competitiveness.

"I think everybody seems to be pretty happy," he said. "It is something to talk about. We are still a little bit surprised by our performance but the reaction in general is positive. For sure you have always some critics but that is normal.

"I let everybody have his opinion. We are pretty happy what we are achieving, we have done it in the regulations.

"Again, people are free to have their opinion, I am not criticising that one, and people should voice their opinion, but I don't really listen to the critics, we are focusing on going racing and getting more points."

Additional reporting by Jonathan Noble


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