Gian Carlo Minardi on the 2009 season

Gian Carlo Minardi talks about the World Championship in 2009 F1 on With the new year have returned to the spotlight turned on the teams that will give life to the 60th Championship F1, with many new technical and sporting activities.

Gian Carlo Minardi talks about the World Championship in 2009 F1 on

With the new year have returned to the spotlight turned on the teams that will give life to the 60th Championship F1, with many new technical and sporting activities. To date, only five teams have unveiled new single-seater: Ferrari F60, Toyota TF109 and McLaren MP4-24, Renault and Williams. How not happened for many years, the winter will become crucial test to show the true values of the single seater, as the team will no longer available to the tests during the season to recover the gap with the opposition. Such regulations could also give us pleasant surprises on the part of those teams who have fewer economic opportunities and will change the fundamental approach to the season. With the limitation of testing during the season there will be, however, even less space for young people who do not have in this way can get in and show you can get that in F1.

"So far five teams have shown their new single for so feeling, not a technical side, I think the Ferrari car more apt" comments Gian Carlo Minardi "It is clear that we are facing a whole new chapter to be written and those who help to maximize the best of these two months that separate us from the first Grand Prix in Australia (March 29) will certainly have an advantage. We are facing a new way of working and approach to a new car, because there is no longer considering a repair made season is a new scenario and it will certainly not be easy to change the methodology of work, team as we used to program different steps of development in the long term. It then restarted from scratch and those who help to maximize the most of limited time available and resources will be nice surprises: these new regulations could help the smaller teams if they are lucky to achieve a good design can make the benefits at least in organizational terms. So far the biggest unknown is given by KERS, even if someone displays a lot of security. Not yet we must see who decides to use it since the first appointment doubt who manages to optimize it soon will have a small advantage at least in terms of power, even if from the point of view chassis are about 40 kg in a well-defined of the car. It will be interesting to try to interpret these tests winter."

In these days the Ferrari sports director, Stefano Domenicali said that with the limitations of the tests seasonal time again to see a young Italian driver in a Ferrari will lengthen considerably: "Unfortunately this is not only Italian pilots even if this I am very sorry because we have some pilots who have nothing to envy to international colleagues, because we are going to encounter a black period for all young people will not have a way of showing their potential at the wheel of a Formula 1. In my opinion this is not the way forward to try to limit the cost, which can be reduced in many other areas is important to leave open a window for the rookie who want to look to the world of F1 through a number of days spent testing only to them. I hope that there is still space in the regulation changes for this, because these types of tests should be moving a little budgets of the various teams. Unfortunately, in recent years have been the team "mattress" - that is not a way to establish some offensive team as I have been part of that category - or those teams that, in trying to survive, leading to debut with young pilots the suitcase, but still are in the circus. When you grow younger drivers have more choice and thus also the costs arising from salary could be lowered. Do not forget that Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica are the result of free practice on Friday morning.

"In terms of the pilots currently in the world, Finnish Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari was called for a prompt response as certainly comes from a season low, both the expectations and because it was the world champion in office. What is about to start a season will be crucial and I certainly hope that it may have left behind him in 2008. Who is decidedly better on his team-mate Felipe Massa, even if you do not ever admit, is the number 2, but has done more than what he is capable, completing a fantastic season, and that hope can repeat. It's clear that in this league and with these regulations will make a difference who is able to optimize and understand right away the single-seater."

Among the new proposals from Bernie Ecclestone is also the desire to introduce medals to try to make it even more alive the world and try to encourage the rider who wins the largest number of races: "If the medals offered by Bernie Ecclestone becomes a that image or awards, or those who have more medals automatically acquires an additional bonus-point, I can also accept. Otherwise I would not know how to regulate a medagliere giving up points to the eighth spot: maybe we should reward those who have more wins, who realized the fastest lap in the race and the authority of the pole position, but I do not see why we should penalize those who do not have the podium. If the intent is to promote the pilot who wins more races then we must give even more weight in terms of points in the victory versus the second and third.

"In conclusion I want to do a great good luck to Luca Marmorini which took the decision to end its cooperation with Toyota. Unfortunately, the new regulations and the policy of the Japanese team does not leave much room for a character like Marmorini and that must do much thinking. Read the interview with Jarno Trulli, leaving 24 hours before his announcement, took me to make comments on what could be short but not in the medium term program of the Japanese house. Unfortunately, they must try to make a turn to their existence in F1 and only one can determine the success of their stay in this environment. Failure to encourage the use of KERS from the beginning, the freezing of engines up to 2013 and the lack of prospects for development have led to this choice and this certainly, in my opinion, is not a good sign."


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