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After the proposals announced by Fota (the association of manufacturers of the highest formula) last March 5 in Geneva to try to reduce the costs of Formula 1, the day of Wednesday 18, the FIA, the world motorsport council headed by Max Mosley,...

After the proposals announced by Fota (the association of manufacturers of the highest formula) last March 5 in Geneva to try to reduce the costs of Formula 1, the day of Wednesday 18, the FIA, the world motorsport council headed by Max Mosley, has sent out its proposals for the coming World of Formula 1, which officially starts March 29 with the first appointment in Australia.

Highlights of the award are announced by the drivers world championship driver who will win the most number of wins, 8 tests for aerodynamic tests and 3 tests for those drivers who over the past 24 months are not going 2 grand prizes. From 2010 the Formula 1 team will decide whether to limit their budgets to 30 million pounds, but with freedom of design and development, such as having a freedom of expenditure in respect of restrictions, however, of the technical regulation. These few words in the ideas of the FIA to try to counter the crisis and to increase the spectacle of the grand prix.

"In less than ten days after the season we are in a very chaotic situation, because not yet been issued the technical and sporting regulations. There are no certainties "said Gian Carlo Minardi in microphones of" Precisely for this reason it becomes very difficult to comment on the choices made, as the communique issued by the federation is very thin. At one point, there is an 8-test for aerodynamic tests and three tests for rooky. But what is meant to test? How should you play?

What the eye immediately is that we are facing a likely clash Fota - FIA and a federation that suddenly decides to defend the small team, something which had never done in the past. Perhaps the same Minardi Team, protected as they are protected today small teams could still be part of Formula 1. Minardi, which, if put in writing what today are only proposals, could also be possible to return 33 million budgets for the Minardi team has never managed to put together, however, in bringing new technologies imported track times then by top teams. I also want to emphasize that when we were in Formula 1 we have never been protected, in fact we had to pay the tires (not knowing where to come) and propeller (without knowing their evolution).

To return to a topic dear to me, that of young drivers at this time we are talking only of three tests (from November to December) for those pilots who do not have much going 2 awards in the last 24 months: It is important however to understand how you can play these sessions. Just this year the GP Brawn has opted for an experienced driver Rubens Barrichello as a young Bruno Senna, although could bring a lot of sponsors. This is only the beginning. E 'inutile that the organizers of the GP2 continue to be the stepping stone towards Formula 1 ... have been the springboard, so that young people have figured well managed to grind as many kilometers of excellent testers becoming pilots. Now i have rooky increasingly difficult to put on display."

Besides the confusion associated with the regulations, until today, is still very difficult to determine the real strength in the field of each team "Just today the last day of testing at Jerez, the McLaren Mercedes, who until yesterday seemed in great difficulties, has made an sign of improvement, managing to turn on a good time. What you saw is that all the teams have managed to achieve good reliability and that the grid can be very compact, because apparently in 1 second is all enclosed, but we can not draw a complete list since we have no data to evaluate the program carried out by each team (Kers, reliability, aerodynamics, setup, gums ...). The latest sessions in Spain we had the pleasant surprise of Brawn GP in just over two weeks was able to cover the same mileage of his opponents accuse without technical problems. Only the timing of Melbourne will tell us if they are also competitive. The same Ferrari is doing a good job, though perhaps to do some small step forward in reliability: well the Red Bull Racing, and so consequently I think the Scuderia Toro Rosso, which is the single-seater that, at least visually, presents the greatest number of innovations, as well as BMW Sauber, while I have a hard time assessing the Renault which has alternated with disappointing performances Fernando Alonso on the offensive. One aspect that should not be underestimated (as I have shown at other times) the team found themselves having to develop new single-seater in a limited time.

But now I want to wait for more details and I urge the fans to think of possible scenarios that could create teams with having limited budgets, but free to develop the car and the other team with unlimited budgets, but with limitations. Scenarios are not easy to manage as I imagine a park closed to cars and car development with unlimited technical limitations," said Gian Carlo Minardi, giving appointment to his reader in the next days


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