Ghosn: I won't interfere in Renault F1 driver choices

Renault chairman Carlos Ghosn insists he will not interfere with future driver choices at the French car manufacturer's Formula 1 team, as it bids to plot its way back to the front of the grid.

Ghosn had the final say about whether or not Renault would commit to a new works era in F1, and in the end gave approval for the takeover of Lotus and a long-term financial commitment for success.

But although acknowledging that getting the best drivers is a key part of what Renault needs to do, Ghosn has made it clear that he will stand back from getting involved in that aspect.

"I don't choose the pilots [drivers]," he said. "One of the conditions I want to say is that I want the head of the F1 team to be accountable for the results.

"If I want him to be accountable for results, then I need him to choose the technology, and choose the pilots etc.

"At the end of the day, I don't want to him say 'I couldn't do it because you chose the pilots'. He chooses everything he needs, and what he needs to commit to to be competitive. That is what I am asking."

Long-term vision

Although a three-year target of podium finishes may appear to show patience from Ghosn's side, he thinks the timeframe is spot on.

For rather than wanting quick fire results, he would rather wait for greater consistency of performance longer term.

"One of the reasons we are taking the time to establish ourselves is we want the results to be solid," he said. "It means every step forward followed by another step forward, not two steps backwards.

"That is why I am giving them the time in order to build a very strong team, with strong technology, a strong engine, a strong car with good drivers –we want sustainable [performance].

"We are talking about a strong marketing push where our offensive is going to take many years, so it is not about making the car work one year and then fall back. It is about always being competitive."

Mercedes era will end

Ghosn also has no concerns about Renault not being able to eventually knock Mercedes off the top of F1.

"Three years ago, Red Bull was dominant for five years, and people said 'oh my god what is going to happen?' Change comes.

"You will continue to have changes. At the end of the day it is about technology, it is about people, drivers, coaches, technicians – so don't expect anything to be forever.

"There is a beginning and an end for everything and we will be very happy to participate in this uncertainty about victories in F1."

Additional reporting by Roberto Chinchero

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