German GP: Jaguar preview

Having scored their first-ever 'home' Championship point at Silverstone ten days ago, Jaguar Racing was straight back on the track last week to undertake a three-day, two-car test at Jerez in Spain. All three drivers contributed towards the team's...

Having scored their first-ever 'home' Championship point at Silverstone ten days ago, Jaguar Racing was straight back on the track last week to undertake a three-day, two-car test at Jerez in Spain. All three drivers contributed towards the team's test programme focusing on engine development and an upgraded aerodynamic package that will be used this weekend in Hockenheim. The team's race reliability continues to strengthen and another two-car finish in the quest for more championship points is the order of the day for this weekend's Grand Prix of Germany.

This weekend's race will be the third time Hockenheim has been used in its radically revamped guise. The former high-speed layout (6.82km) made way two years ago to a new 4.5km circuit and in the process has gone from being one of the fastest to one of the slowest tracks on the calendar. The infamous high speed straight through the forest has gone and instead made way for a slow/medium speed circuit that requires a well-balanced and good handling car.

Mark Webber:

"It's been a busy couple of months with the back-to-back races but we are now returning the usual fortnightly races. This has allowed us to fit in some testing at Jerez, which has been invaluable. I tested for two days last week and I worked for the majority of the time on our new aero-package. I definitely felt that this is a step-forward for us and I was really pleased with the balance of it throughout the day. I did a good number of laps on both days and came away feeling very positive."

"Looking ahead to Hockenheim, the team has been working hard recently focusing on areas where we can pull back a few tenths here and there and it seems to be making a difference. My point from Silverstone was hard fought and from here every point will be even harder to get. I had a podium in 2000 at Hockenheim with F3000 so a repeat performance would be exciting! I am really enjoying driving the R5 and I will be doing what I can to score another point or even two at the German Grand Prix. We will certainly be looking to give everyone a run for their money."

Christian Klien:

"Hockenheim is a circuit that I know really well and one that I can thank for providing me with a podium during all my races there. I have been there with Formula BMW, Formula Renault and F3 and I get as much satisfaction every time I drive there as the first time I crossed the finish line. The track has changed slightly over the years and I really enjoyed the old layout as it was steeped in history and I liked the long straights and tight chicanes. The motodrome, where all the spectators are is a fantastic stretch of the track and it is really encouraging to see all the people cheering you on, it makes you want to put on a good show for them."

"Since finishing testing last week I have been back at home in Austria training for the next race. The weather has been great here so I have been cycling, hiking and running in the mountains. I am now feeling very motivated going into this race weekend as I know that we are well prepared for this race and we are in a good position to capitalise on our package. We have had two good strong weekends and there is no reason why we can't do the same again this coming weekend."

Björn Wirdheim:

"I have raced at Hockenheim many times before and I enjoy being there. My father and I used to go there both to race and to watch so it's a place that I feel at ease at. They changed the layout of the track not so long ago and I like this new set-up. It was here last year that I secured the F3000 Championship so it certainly holds fond memories for me. I am very keen to get out on track this Friday as we have a lot to work through. The test last week was positive as we worked through a detailed programme."

"The R5 is feeling very good and we are making some very exciting steps forward with both the engine and the aero package. My testing programme on Friday will probably take-off where Mark and Christian left -off last week so there will be a lot to focus on. The team has been doing a really good job in preparing the cars and it's good to see the team improving with every race."

David Pitchforth:

"Our last two races have been very strong for us and it's good to see the team moving forward together and up the grid. Scoring at Silverstone our home race was special, especially since it was a first in the team's history. Since then we have all been very focused on our continual progress and our three-day test has been really encouraging. Bjorn and Christian drove for the first day with then Mark and Christian both driving the second and third days. They have all been incredibly committed to the on-going development of the R5 and I have been very pleased with the results from the test ahead of the Hockenheim race."

"Our new aero package is delivering positive results and we will be looking to take this to Hockenheim. This development gives us a good amount of load and enhances our stability, all promising steps. With seven races to go we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that when there is a point to be scored we will be there."

Dr Mark Gillan - Head of Vehicle Performance:

"After scoring a point at our home Grand Prix at Silverstone we travelled direct to Jerez to carry out a three-day, two- car test. We utilised all three of our drivers during this time, Mark, Christian and Bjorn, as our testing programme was extensive. We focused on engine development, our new aero package, tyres, set-up and our control strategy. Our test was productive resulting in a positive step forward with the engine and our aero development. We can now go to Hockenheim with the testing data and hopefully be in an even stronger position to race for points."

"Hockenheim is a medium to high down-force track encompassing high to medium speed corners. Blistering of the rear tyres can be an issue here but we have been working very closely with our partner Michelin to ensure that we are well prepared for this symptom. I am very much looking forward to this coming weekend and to seeing the R5 on track. It would be great to see both cars finishing again and ideally in the points."


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