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Gasly's super formula for Honda success

For Pierre Gasly, having Honda power in 2018 means more than just adapting to a new engine. His experience of racing in Japan may give him a technical edge with Toro Rosso's new partners, as Stuart Codling explains.

For many young drivers hoping to ride a moneyed wave of high-energy carbonated beverage to the peak of motor racing, the Red Bull Junior Team has proved to be a ghastly business. Now, indubitably, it's Pierre Gasly's business, for he is the latest young talent to be thrust onto the F1 stage by this most demanding of up-or-out mechanisms - presided over, as ever, by Red Bull driver consultant, former Formula 1 driver Helmut Marko.

Students of history would determine that the signs aren't good: in over a decade of separating the wheat from the chaff, the Red Bull Junior Team has groomed just one world champion. The road towards, through and beyond Sebastian Vettel's four world titles is littered with the career wreckage of also-rans who were merely quite good. Viewed through Marko's merciless prism, adequacy equates to inadequacy.

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