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Why F1 teams' nerves are at an all-time high

Why F1 teams' nerves are at an all-time high
Gary Anderson
By: Gary Anderson
Mar 20, 2018, 11:17 AM

Testing offers Formula 1 teams the chance to refine any issues, but it's not until Melbourne that a real challenge is on the table. The days leading up to the Australian Grand Prix can be anxious ones for those behind car designs.

It's a long and lonely flight to Melbourne for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. And it's on that flight that it really hits home that a new season is about to kick off.

Yes, you have done all of your preparation and your pre-season testing as best you can, you will have reacted to and done your best to eliminate any little - or in some cases big - problems that have cropped up. But this is the first time everyone will be competing on the same level playing field, in the same conditions with exactly the same goal: to beat everyone else.

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