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*Tyrrell Line Up *Morbidelli Injury *Nakano / Minardi? *Arrows Stick With Yamaha *Williams After Trulli? *Villeneuve To Join BAT Team *Schumacher Denies Head Claim *Villeneuve Ban To Be Served *Schumacher Also Gets Suspended Ban *Katayama Retires *Stewart Confirm Line Up *French GP Latest *Suzuka Results *Williams Win Constructors Title *Drivers Championship *Suzuka Review *News Services *Contacting Us *Formula1 News Back Issues *How To Change Your Address/Unsubscribe etc.

Tyrrell Line Up

Tyrrell have confirmed Toranosuke Takagi as one of their drivers for next year. Takagi scored four pole positions from seven Formula Nippon races this season and is heavily backed by Tyrrell Sporting Director Satoru Nakajima. Takagi may find himself teamed up with fellow formula Nippon racer (and this year's champion) Pedro de la Rosa. de la Rosa also comes with heavy backing from Repsol to the tune of 7 million dollars (US). de la Rosa has also been linked with test drives for Jordan and Williams, and a race drive for Minardi.

Morbidelli Injury

Gianni Morbidelli's crash during qualifying for the Japanese GP left him with a possible hairline fracture to the arm that he broke earlier this year. The accident caused him to miss the GP.

Nakano / Minardi?

Ukyo Katayama is retiring and this may give Shinji Nakano the option of a seat at Minardi. The young Japanese driver has been linked with a test seat at Jordan, thanks to his connections with Mugen Honda.

Arrows Stick With Yamaha

Arrows have confirmed that they will stay with Yamaha engines for 1998. The Yamaha unit is very small and light, handy for the mechanics that have to replace them :-). At the start of the season the engine was the weak link in the Arrows set up and while it is still not as good as the McLaren or Peugeot units the amount of progress that Yamaha have made is very impressive. The engine now lasts much longer, and the power output is climbing all the time.

Williams After Trulli?

Williams are rumoured to be attempting to secure the services of Italian star Jarno Trulli. It is thought Williams want an option on the young driver in case the rumours about Villeneuve have any truth in them.

Villeneuve To Join BAT Team

It is rumoured that Villeneuve will quit F1 if he loses the championship this year as a result of the FIA court of appeal. He has been linked with a return to Indy cars. Jacques has always said he would leave F1 when he no longer enjoyed it and he commented that he certainly did not enjoy the Japanese GP. The other big rumour around Jacques is that the long awaited Reynard BAT team will be officially announced at the European GP. It is also expected that they will announce Villeneuve as their driver for 1999.

Schumacher Denies Head Claim

Patrick Head's recent comments that Schumacher 'took Hill out' in the climax of the 1994 season, and that he half expects the double world champion to do the same again have been denied by Schumacher. Michael has said that he will not do anything other than race to the flag, he did say that he would defend his position aggressively if needed, but he would not try to collide with anyone. Schumacher's 1994 crash occurred after he lost control of his Benetton and it hit a wall, on the rebound he collided with Hill, Schumacher going out on the spot and Hill retiring with damaged suspension.

Villeneuve Ban To Be Served

Jacques Villeneuve has had another yellow flag infringement which means that he will have to serve the one race ban that he had suspended for nine races. As it stands at the moment it looks as though he will race tomorrow under appeal, though it is still possible that he will be excluded. One of the problems with racing under appeal is that if the appeal is not upheld, the penalty is often increased, so Jacques could find himself having his Suzuka result excluded as well as some other form of punishment, probably exclusion from Jerez.

Schumacher Also Gets Suspended Ban

Michael Schumacher also committed a yellow flag offence and he has been given a suspended one race ban. As Schumacher currently has a clean record this will not affect his 1998 season.

Katayama Retires

Ukyo Katayama, the mountaineering F1 driver has decided to call it a day after five seasons of F1. His best result was 5th in the 1994 Brazilian and San Marino GPs when driving for Tyrrell.

Stewart Confirm Line Up

The Stewart team have confirmed (as expected) that Barrichello and Magnussen will drive for the team next year.

French GP Latest

The removal of the French GP has made the 1998 calendar 16 races, with a large gap between the Canadian and British races. It is hoped that the dispute will be settled soon, the French GP has only missed out once (1955) since the World Championship started.

Suzuka Results

1 M. Schumacher Ferrari 2 H. H. Frentzen Williams Renault + 1.348 3 E. Irvine Ferrari + 26.384 4 M. Hakkinen McLaren Mercedes + 27.129 5 J. Villeneuve Williams Renault + 39.776 6 J. Alesi Benetton Renault + 40.403 7 J. Herbert Sauber Petronas + 41.630 8 G. Fisichella Jordan Peugeot + 56.825 9 G. Berger Benetton Renault + 1.00.429 10 R. Schumacher Jordan Peugeot + 1.22.036 11 D. Coulthard McLaren Mercedes + 1 Lap 12 D. Hill Arrows Yamaha + 1 Lap 13 P. Diniz Arrows Yamaha + 1 Lap 14 J. Verstappen Tyrrell Ford + 1 Lap 15 M. Salo Tyrrell Ford + 7 Laps 16 T. Marques Minardi Hart + 7 Laps 17 O. Panis Prost Mugen Honda + 17 Laps 18 S. Nakano Prost Mugen Honda + 31 Laps 19 U. Katayama Minardi Hart + 45 Laps 20 R. Barrichello Stewart Ford + 47 Laps 21 J. Magnussen Stewart Ford + 50 Laps -- G. Morbidelli Sauber Petronas DNS Fastest Lap H. H. Frentzen: Lap 48: 1.38.942

Williams Win Constructors Title

Williams secured a record ninth constructors championship thanks to Frentzen's second place in the Japanese GP. It is possible they will loose the two points that Villeneuve scored, but they will still be champions by at least two points irrespective of the Jerez race.

1 Williams Renault 120 2 Ferrari 100 3 Benetton Renault 63 4 McLaren Mercedes 47 5 Jordan Peugeot 33 6 Prost Mugen Honda 21 7 Sauber Petronas 15 8 Arrows Yamaha 9 9 Stewart Ford 6 10 Tyrrell Ford 2

Drivers Championship

1 J. Villeneuve Williams FW19 Renault 79 2 M. Schumacher Ferrari F310b 78 3 H. H. Frentzen Williams FW19 Renault 41 4 J. Alesi Benetton B197 Renault 35 5 D. Coulthard McLaren MP4/12 Mercedes 30 6 G. Berger Benetton B197 Renault 24 7 E. Irvine Ferrari F310b 22 8 G. Fisichella Jordan 197 Peugeot 20 9 M. Hakkinen McLaren MP4/12 Mercedes 17 10 O. Panis Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 16 11 J. Herbert Sauber C16 Petronas 14 12 R. Schumacher Jordan 197 Peugeot 13 13 D. Hill Arrows A18 Yamaha 7 14 R. Barrichello Stewart SF1 Ford 6 15 A. Wurz Benetton B197 Renault 4 16 J. Trulli Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 3 17 P. Diniz Arrows A18 Yamaha 2 17 S. Nakano Prost JS45 Mugen Honda 2 17 M. Salo Tyrrell 025 Ford 2 20 N. Larini Sauber C16 Petronas 1

Suzuka Review

Michael Schumacher won the Japanese GP after a brilliant team performance from Ferrari. Villeneuve made one of his better starts of the season and led into the first corner, with Schumacher second followed by Hakkinen and Irvine. Irvine for once getting a relatively poor start by his high standards. At the end of the first lap Schumacher slowed going into turn one, this caught Hakkinen unawares and Irvine went past Hakkinen and Schumacher round the outside of turn two. Irvine quickly caught and passed Villeneuve and began to open up a lead at a rate of nearly four seconds a lap. Irvine set a string of fastest laps on the way starting with 1.44.127 on lap two, quickly smashing that with 1.42.536 on lap three and 1.40.891 on lap four. By lap 10, Villeneuve had woken up a bit and he too had started to lap at around 1.41. When Irvine pitted on lap 17 he rejoined the race behind Frentzen and the running order was Villeneuve, Schumacher, Frentzen, Irvine, Herbert and Fisichella. After Schumacher, Villeneuve and Frentzen had all pitted the order on the track was Irvine, Schumacher, Villeneuve, Frentzen, Hakkinen and Alesi, Irvine began to ease off allowing Schumacher to close the 8 second gap and on lap 24 Irvine let his team mate past. Memories of Andretti and Peterson were evoked as Schumacher started to increase his lead, while team mate Irvine did a fantastic holding job on Villeneuve. It was clear that Villeneuve would not be able to pass Irvine on the track and Williams opted for an early second stop. This dropped Villeneuve out of the points, something from which he would not really recover. The only flaw in the Ferrari strategy was when Frentzen managed to get into the pits and get back out in front of Irvine. From lap 35 onwards, Frentzen was the fastest man on the track, he began to close on Schumacher but he was only taking 0.1 or so seconds a lap out of the 6 second lead that Schumacher had. Behind Frentzen, Irvine was being closely followed by Hakkinen while further back Villeneuve and Alesi were battling for fifth place, Villeneuve managing to hold Alesi off. The final laps had some added tension when Schumacher lost nearly three seconds thanks to Damon Hill, the current World Champion not doing the race leader any favours. Schumacher held on to win by over a second and to close the championship lead down to one point, Frentzen's second place giving Williams the points they needed to secure their record ninth constructors championship. Villeneuve must now wait for next weeks court hearing on his exclusion from the Japanese GP. Past results do not help his cause as nobody has ever won an appeal against an FIA decision, and usually the original punishment is increased. It is quite possible that Villeneuve will loose his two points from Suzuka and be forced to sit out the European GP - if that happens Schumacher becomes World Champion without the need to score points at Jerez.

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