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French GP Dropped

The FIA has announced that the French GP has been dropped for the 1998 season. The race has been dropped following legal actions between TV companies TF1 and FR3. TF1 who paid for the rights to televise F1 are being taken to court by FR3. French officials hope that a gap can be left so that the race can be added after the dispute is settled.

Electronic Throttle For Ferrari

Michael Schumacher will have the benefit of an electronically controlled throttle at Suzuka. The throttle helps the driver control the car under acceleration by effectively eliminating power glitches. Both Schumacher and Irvine will use the lightweight version of the F310b at Suzuka. In recent testing Irvine beat his personal best time at Mugello and Schumacher completed over 150 laps of testing.

Berger To Ferrari?

Rumours are emerging that suggest Gerhard Berger may return to Ferrari next year. He has apparently had talks with Luca di Montezemolo and it is rumoured that there could be certain conditions under which Berger could replace Eddie Irvine as Schumacher's team mate for 1998. Irvine has an extended contract that takes him to the end of 1998 so I am not sure what these 'certain conditions' could be, unless one of them is retirement.

Lauda Hits Out At Ralf

Former World champion Niki Lauda hit out at Ralf Schumacher this week. He was referring to the first corner accident at the Luxembourg GP saying "It was the action of a madman". Ralf's season has seen him take out his own team mate, Fisichella (twice), Johnny Herbert and his own brother Michael.

Minardi To Run Cosworth V10s

Minardi look set to announce a deal that will see them run the Cosworth V10 customer unit for next year.

Ford Engine Much Better

The Stewart team have been testing the latest Project 9 evolution of the Ford engine. Both drivers were very impressed with the power and delivery that the number 9 variant possessed. Barrichello said he was "delighted with the bottom end power and drivability" of the new unit.

Panis Testing Well

Olivier Panis continued his remarkable recovery with the fastest time on two of the days during recent testing sessions at Magny Cours Ralf Schumacher finished the quickest driver overall, many of the teams were also testing 1998 spec parts and cars.

1. R. Schumacher    Jordan Peugeot    1.14.48
2. A. Wurz          Benetton Renault  1.14.70
3. O. Panis         Prost Mugen Honda 1.14.73
4. J. Alesi         Benetton Renault  1.15.17
5. P. Diniz         Arrows Yamaha     1.16.02

Suzuka Preview

The Suzuka race often plays a key part in the championship, some previous title battles such as the Prost / Senna races of 89/90. Rain is always a possibility here and Schumacher will be hoping that the heavens open on race day. Suzuka is one of the tracks that Jacques Villeneuve knows best and with his recent run of form he will be in a confident mood. The McLarens have improved in leaps and bounds during the second half of the season and they will be expected to be challenging for the lead, the other possibility is the Bridgestone teams, especially the ones with Japanese engines. Prost and Arrows could both do well here and Suzuka looks like being a very open race. Lets hope they all stay on the track.

News Services

We have changed the news pages on the web server and now the News and gossip, news archive, weekly e-mail subscription form and the new daily news e-mail service are all grouped on a single page entitled (rather imaginatively we thought) News Services.

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