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*Suspended Bans *Prost Out Of Hill 'Race' *TWR Sign Salo *Hill - Is He Mad? *US GP? *Senna Trial *Revised Aerodynamics For Jordan *Arrows Yamaha Set For 98 *Schumacher Testing For Sauber *Alesi Signs For Sauber *Benetton Win Court Case *Silverstone Tests *Brundle Tests Arrows *Austria Preview *News Services *Contacting Us *Formula1 News Back Issues *How To Change Your Address/Unsubscribe etc.

Suspended Bans

Many of you wrote to me asking about the suspended bans that Villeneuve and Coulthard received at the Italian GP. In F1, if a driver commits an offence, such as overtaking under a yellow flag he will get a one race ban. The FIA realise that this would have a serious impact on the driver's season, so *normally* they will issue the driver with a ban, but suspend it over a number of races. Usually the bans are suspended over 1,2 or maybe 3 races. After the suspended races have been run, the driver's ban is wiped off. If a driver commits another offence that is serious while under a suspended ban, his one race ban will have to be served and more likely a second race would be missed too as a result of the second offence. As I said, usually drivers only get 2 or 3 race suspensions (it's a bit like probation) but Villeneuve has already had two suspended bans this year. So the FIA have given him a one race ban suspended for 9 races. The ban was given before the Italian race, so he has already served one of his 9 races. But if he commits another offence in the next 8 races he will have to miss at least one race. It does seem a bit harsh to me, but there you go.

Prost Out Of Hill 'Race'

The Prost team have confirmed that negotiations with Damon Hill, for next season, are over. The team said that the two parties could not agree on terms. It is thought Prost could only offer Hill 4.5 Million and he is reputedly asking for 5 Million.

TWR Sign Salo

TWR have ended mass speculation about the future of Damon Hill by announcing that they had signed Mika Salo. Arrows said that they could afford Hill, but they would rather spend the money on car development, which is why they have signed the cheaper Salo.

Hill - Is He Mad?

Where now for Hill? It was thought that he would sign for Prost or possible remain with Arrows. But shortly after Arrows announced that they had signed Salo, Prost confirmed that their talks with Hill were no over and the would not be signing him. This leaves Jordan as his only real option, it also puts Jordan in a much stronger bargaining position regarding Hill's reputed demand for 5 Million quid. Jordan have said all along that they are not really interested in paying 5 Million for Hill, and it seems now that they might not have to. The saga of Hill's inability to seize a good chance when it is offered really started when he refused the McLaren drive. Next year all the cars will be new designs and you would expect the cars designed by people like Barnard, Head and Newey to be among the best. Hill had a chance of driving two of these cars, which he passed up! His only real chance now rests with Jordan and Benson and Hedges. Benson and Hedges are keen to have Hill on board and they may help with the wages. I'm sure we will find out this weekend :-)


The speculation over the prospects of a US GP continues. Indianapolis owner Tony George has been quoted as saying he would like to see an F1 race at the Brickyard. The rumours suggest an added infield road course suitable for F1 cars. Road Atlanta (not America as I suggested a few issues ago) is also in the frame for the US GP when it finally returns. Ford are said to be VERY keen on an event there.

Senna Trial

The Senna trial has started up again. The court is still hearing from 'expert' witnesses notably Michele Alboreto who has been in court of late. David Coulthard is the next current driver scheduled to make an appearance, he was the Williams test driver at the time and should have an opinion on the characteristics of the car.

Revised Aerodynamics For Jordan

Jordan will have extra downforce for the Austrian GP thanks to revised bodywork at the rear of their car. Jordan will run a back to back comparison at the A1 ring during free practice before making a decision on whether or not to use the new design.

Arrows Yamaha Set For 98

It is now looking VERY likely that Arrows will continue with the Yamaha engine for 1998. Yamaha have made excellent progress with their engine this year with improvements in reliability (well, it couldn't have got worse) and power. The current unit pushes around 700bhp putting it close to the Mugen Honda unit. Brian Hart is tipped to take over the tuning from John Judd, though with the recent improvements, Judd may keep the contract.

Schumacher Testing For Sauber

Michael Schumacher has tested the Sauber Petronas car for the Swiss based team. Schumacher ran an unmarked car and wore unbranded overalls. The test session was for engine data collection (for Sauber) and was carried out as part of Ferrari's deal to supply engines to Sauber.

Alesi Signs For Sauber

Jean Alesi has signed a two year deal with Sauber. He will partner Johnny Herbert.

Benetton Win Court Case

The High court have ruled that Benetton's claim on Giancarlo Fisichella is legally binding and that Jordan have no right to his services for 1998. Fisichella will partner Wurz at Benetton, while Jordan now need to find a driver to partner Schumacher.

Silverstone Tests

Alexander Wurz was the fastest man at Silverstone last week. Many teams were there, with the test session seeing A1 Ring preparations as well as new engines and 1998 cars being tried out. Williams and Benetton were trying the latest Renault engine.

1   A. Wurz           Benetton Renault    1.22.11
2   M. Hakkinen       McLaren Mercedes    1.22.66
3   J. Villeneuve     Williams Renault    1.23.03
4   H. H. Frentzen    Williams Renault    1.23.06
5   D. Coulthard      McLaren Mercedes    1.24.46
6   JC.Boullion       Williams Renault    1.24.57
7   R. Schumacher     Jordan Peugeot      1.24.59
8   P. Diniz          Arrows Yamaha       1.24.64
9   J. Alesi          Benetton Renault    1.24.67
10  R. Barrichello    Stewart Ford        1.24.83

Brundle Tests Arrows

Martin Brundle was again helping out Arrows (he is a director of the company) with testing the car. He only tested on Tuesday, but ran for 50 laps managing a best time of 1.25.77. He was testing new weight distribution configurations that are expected to be used on next year's car.

Austria Preview

The Austrian GP makes a comeback this weekend, at the new A1 Ring. The new circuit is built on the old Osterreichring, but the A1 ring is shorter with much slower corners. The old track had a very high average speed, the new variant is much more stop 'n' go. The nature of the circuit should allow the slower cars to get closer and I expect qualifying to be very close, similar to Hungary. It could be that Hill or Barrichello gets quite a way up the grid, shaking things up a bit. The teams and drivers all have pretty limited knowledge of this track, so that too should help better drivers in slower cars. It will be a weekend of 'who can learn a track quickly', something which Jacques Villeneuve proved he could do last year.

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