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Formula 1's most powerful safety car

Formula 1's most powerful safety car
By: James Roberts
Jul 7, 2018, 10:05 AM

Formula 1 drivers can often be heard complaining that the Safety Car isn't fast enough, but that shouldn’t be a problem now that the series has introduced the most powerful 'SC’ ever, as driver Bernd Maylander explains.

The appearance of the Safety Car elicits a range of emotions, all tempered by the gravity of the circumstances that prompted its deployment. From a fan perspective, it can suddenly create excitement in an otherwise processional race. Likewise, it's a pleasing opportunity for drivers further down the field to gain positions as the whole pack is artificially bunched up.

On the flip side, the race leader will be crestfallen at the sight of yellow flashing lights and SC boards, especially if they've pushed hard to build a gap to their opposition. With that precious margin gone, and tyre temperatures dropping with every lap spent behind the Safety Car, the prospect of a restart on cold tyres and brakes puts them on edge. It's at those moments you can understand why a frustrated Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel cries out: "The Safety Car is too slow!"

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