FIA trying to help Red Bull stay in F1 - Todt

The FIA says it is doing all it can to try to help ensure that Red Bull gets the engines it needs to stay in Formula 1 next year.

While Red Bull chases a deal with either Renault or Honda, FIA president Jean Todt says that the governing body is doing all it can to help the situation.

This comes against the background of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone revealing in Austin last weekend that Honda had an agreement with the FIA and FOM to supply at least two teams in 2016, which could yet be enforced.

When asked by to confirm the existence of that agreement and whether the FIA could step in to help Red Bull's plight, Todt said: "Of course as much as we can do, we will do, and we will continue doing.

"It is very frustrating to see that teams like Red Bull and Toro Rosso are struggling to get an engine. Saying that, I am not a judge of that: so probably you always have a reason why some things happen.

"But we should be as supportive as we can be to allow them to be at the first race next year with one homologated engine."

Optimistic for solution

Although Todt does not know what Red Bull will do, he says he is confident the team will be around in 2016.

"I am sure Red Bull people are working very hard to find a solution," he said. "Bernie is being as supportive as he can be to help them to find a solution, and as much in my domain as I can do, I will be supportive as I can.

"I am optimistic that Red Bull and Toro Rosso will be in the championship next year, but I cannot say more. I don't have any thing for me to allow me to say more than that."

Renault future

As well as uncertainty about Red Bull's future, the fate of Renault in F1 remains up in the air.

Todt suggested that the fact negotiations had reached an advanced level regarding a Renault takeover of Lotus should be taken as a positive.

"As president of the FIA and motorsport enthusiasts, I was concerned about what could be their decision," he said. "But I was very pleased that they were willing to go to the next step.

"And Renault being very serious and a well organised company. I would be very surprised if, after they decided to go to this next step, they would not go further, because this decision is linked to that.

"We should all be very pleased and thankful to their decision to go to the next step as they did now."

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