Ferrari planning Monza engine boost

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has suggested it will now likely wait until its home Italian Grand Prix before introducing a next major upgrade to its engine.

After a huge effort to close the gap to Mercedes this season, Ferrari used the first of its engine development tokens in Canada last weekend.

Although it failed to finish on the podium, the team believes that its improvements should show more at the next few tracks.

And, welcoming the opportunity his outfit has to improve its power unit after challenging the FIA's interpretation of the engine homologation rules, Marchionne is sensing a strong end to the campaign.

When asked by about his feelings on Ferrari's form, Marchionne said: "2015 has been a good year in the sense we have been able to roll out the use of tokens throughout the season. That has been very helpful.

"If we had frozen the engine and car as the rules arguably called for, we would have had a severe handicap compared to the opposition. I think those days are gone.

"This is a big step today and we will see some gradual improvements going forward. Monza is going to be another key point in the development of the car."

New regime sorted car

Ferrari's step forward in 2015 has been one of the surprises of the year, as it has bounced back from the disappointment of last season.

Despite winning the Malaysian Grand Prix, Marchionne says the team is not yet in a position to feel 'satisfied' with the job it has done – but he welcomes the amazing job done over the winter.

And in particular he thinks the key to its recovery was the effort made from October last year when the outfit realised the trouble it was in for this season.

"I don't think anyone in this sport here is remotely satisfied," he said. "But I'm pleased with the amount of work that's gone on and the results we've achieved so far.

"People underestimate the level of deficiencies we had back in October when we finished the 2014 season.

"There were a lot of happy-go-lucky statements made about how all the work that was done for the 2015 season was already in our belly. That's not true.

"So I am incredibly thankful that this group of people here have done what they've done.

"Without the fearless determination to try to improve the car, we would not be here today. I'm pleased we used some of the tokens for this race. Hopefully we'll see an improvement in engine performance.

"But we need to continue to make improvements to the car as we go forward."

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