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Fernando Alonso Alonso: "We have the best technicians in the world " Maranello, 28 January 2010 - Fernando Alonso arrived at the convention centre for the press conference at the presentation of the F10, the new single-seater for the 2010 ...

Fernando Alonso

Alonso: "We have the best technicians in the world "

Maranello, 28 January 2010 - Fernando Alonso arrived at the convention centre for the press conference at the presentation of the F10, the new single-seater for the 2010 season, in the afternoon to answer the journalists' questions. The Spanish driver's first impressions of the new car were positive: "Regarding its comfort it seems to be more or less on the same level as last year's car. There's always something to improve in the cockpit -- seat, elbows, pedals, which have a different inclination compared to the standard set up, while we've been working on the steering wheel mainly in November and December to simplify things a little compared to the past."

Alonso was extremely calm regarding the possibilities of the F10's development: "I'm very calm regarding the work done by all the technicians at Ferrari. We have the best technicians in the world. The work we're doing in February, with Felipe's and my suggestions on the car, makes me really confident as far as the first race is concerned. We have a team that is able to set up the best possible car for you in a very short time. What raises our confidence are the technicians, the data from the wind tunnel, the suspension, the mechanics and the engine. It might even happen that the data on the track will be even more encouraging." The Spanish driver has no doubts about his relationship with his teammate: "Felipe and I both race for Ferrari. It is important that a red car wins. We'll both give it our all to improve our performance, we'll both give 100%. I've always had strong teammates and I never had any problems with then. I have a great relation to all of them and it won't be different with Felipe." The role the simulator will play will be pretty important: "The simulator serves more and more every year, because the rules allow us less and less tests on the track. But reality is always different."

The journalists were then mainly asking about the 2010 rules and especially about the fact that refuelling won't be allowed anymore: "The new rules will also lead to some changes in our driving styles. The drivers have to adapt to every situation, especially during the first laps in the race. Without a warm up on Sunday we'll have slower cars at the first brake points." According to the Spanish driver more details will be available soon: "We'll have a more precise idea after the first test; with the petrol load we can put into the tank we'll all have a different load on board. We'll concentrate on our work during the tests, without considering the lap times; we'll see if we'll be satisfied with the car or not." Alonso also commented on the new points system: "It's the same for all. Although as far as I am concerned, I'm a traditionalist; we're losing a little bit of the statistics. Today in the top ten I'm on place four in terms of overall points in the history of F1. The statistics will get lost over time, because the drivers will earn more points. But the sport has to renew itself and they decided like that because they think that this is the best possible way." Answering the question if there will be more or less overtaking manoeuvres Alonso said: "Nothing will change this year, you always have to take every opportunity to overtake, although, knowing nothing about the strategies of the other teams, the qualifying will be really important.

As far as the traditional predictions are concerned, Alonso commented: "Every season is exciting and interesting at the start; even last year I was very confident. It's the same this year, although there are the expectations regarding Schumacher's comeback, which is very good for F1, which might be well received by TV viewers. I think that there will be two teams fighting for the Drivers' Title and two for the Constructors' Title. Let's hope we'll be there. Winning the title. I'm not making a bet here, right now everything is too open."

In the end the Spanish driver spoke about his dreams he wants to make come true with Ferrari: "All my dreams in my career came true: now the one to become a Ferrari driver. 10 years ago I met Ferrari managers, but back then it was about racing for a client team, like Prost.

Now the feeling is different, I can almost feel the car in Valencia, it's very exciting. I hope to stay here for many years, because if you don't win the Championship one year, you don't have to consider to change the team."

Felipe Massa

Massa: "I expect that we'll rapidly learn the race strategies and how to manage the car"

A serene and motivated Felipe Massa spoke to the press during the conference at the presentation of the F10. The first question was about the 2010 rules, which alter the approach to the races noticeably: "How do you think the races will look like with the new rules?"

"We'll start with less petrol into the weekend, while we will start into the race with enough petrol for the whole distance. Then there are other details, such as the points assigned to the first and second in the races. Having all these changes in mind we have to pay a lot of attention and learn rapidly in terms of strategy and, as far as I am concerned, regarding driving the car to be immediately competitive."

Felipe should have driven the F10 at its debut in the afternoon, but the weather conditions weren't right. So the Brazilian driver spoke about his enormous contribution to the single-seater's development: "Many things happened in 2009, resulting in difficult conditions for us to work on the car. We started very early thinking about 2010. We were asking for many modifications not just regarding aerodynamics, but also the engine and the tank. Everything was really important considering the 2010 rules. What's very important is that every single detail can bring tenths of a second."

Another topic were the great expectations regarding his teammate Fernando Alonso: "The expectations as far as my teammate is concerned I've been living for many years now. When there's a new driver at Ferrari there are great expectations and the goal is to work well as a team, to be complete. I'll have a very strong teammate. I've always done good work, learned a lot, shown many times that I'm able to win and fight, whoever my teammate was. Michael is a friend and I learned a lot from him, but on the track we'll be competitors. Although we'll have a good relationship, as always. I'm happy that he's cheering for me."

The journalists also wanted to talk about Massa's accident last year: "I had a really unbelievable accident. But naturally safety is something we're working on every single day. We have to continue like this and there will be much more work to do also amongst us drivers and on the tracks to improve. On a personal level I'm happy that with everything that happened nothing has changed in my work."

In the end there was a private question: what is more exciting: the baptism of the F10 or the upcoming one of your son?

"Felipinho was born in November and it was an incredible feeling. I'm so proud and happy. This here today is a different child: the F10; we have to let it grow rapidly and lift it to a higher level. What we can see here today is the result of many months of hard work on the car, let's hope that we'll be competitive right from the start."

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