Felipe Nasr signs with luxury designer Felio Siby

British Formula 3 and Formula BMW European champion Felipe Nasr embarks as a brand ambassador for the luxury designer, marshalling a well-oiled piece of precision engineering.

Luxury design house, Felio Siby, has announced its introduction to the world of Formula 1 with one of the world’s top racecar drivers from Brazil, for the launch of the company’s first luxury timepiece on the Grand Prix championship circuit. 

Felio Siby and Felpe Nasr introduce the Felipe Nasr Watch – a limited edition timepiece that marks the first watch sponsorship and endorsement campaign by the iconic Sauber F1 team driver from Brazil.  Both the Felipe Nasr Watch and the man behind the machine exemplify superior accuracy and world-class performance – demonstrating the natural synergy of this most unique partnership created by the luxury designer out of Miami, Florida.

Designed and developed by Miami-based company founder and CEO Dominique Siby, from Gabon in Africa, the limited edition watch has been conceived to represent the bold style and calm composure of the Brazilian champion, as well as the pioneering vision developed by the emerging fashion entrepreneur. Imagined in 2015 as the crown jewel to the Felio Siby line of avante garde fashion and luxury accessories, the Felipe Nasr Watch has been assembled with skillful precision by the finest Swiss watch manufacturer.  

“I’m thrilled to be involved in this trailblazing partnership with Felio Siby,” says Felipe Nasr.  “I would have never imagined having my own watch at this stage in my career.  When Dominique first showed me what he had designed, I was blown away with his creative vision and originality.  I often avoid wearing a watch when working around the cars, but this design allows for both functionality and cutting-edge style both in and out of the paddock. I look forward to representing Felio Siby wherever I am in the world, both personally and professionally.”

The Felipe Nasr Watch by Felio Siby marks the first in a series of brand endorsements in the world of Formula One.  Dominique Siby always aspired to work within Formula One ever since his early childhood days of being a motor racing fan and watching the classic rivalry between F1 legends Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost with his father.

Felipe Nasr is one of Brazil’s leading racecar drivers and the British Formula 3 and Formula BMW European champion. After a year as the official test driver for Williams in 2014, he joined Sauber – the Swiss Formula One team – as a full-time driver in 2015 and he now competes on the Formula One World Championship circuit. 

The Felipe Nasr Watch by Felio Siby was designed entirely by company founder Dominque Siby, with a view to making it the official watch for a leading Formula One driver from Brazil, who Dominique considers to be the world’s best driving nation.  After meeting Nasr at the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix, the Brazilian driver fell in love with the sleek design of Dominique’s timepiece and agreed to be the company’s brand ambassador – establishing the first Formula One driver endorsement campaign for Felio Siby.

Sporty black and red is the design theme for the Felipe Nasr Watch – with Dominique’s favorite “Ferrari Red” accents illuminated against a “Formula One Black” watch face and casing – portraying the “sexiness” of a dashboard on a luxury sports vehicle, according to Siby. The mounted figures 1 and 7, outlines of the three inner circular dials and both hands of the watch itself are all given a distinctive red finish, providing a bold contrast upon the black “Cotes de Geneve” circular decorative facial engraving on which the  .2-carat diamond is set.  Casing made with black Titanium also features the signature crocodile imprint, together with a premium quality black leather watchstrap also in the crocodile design, reinforcing the Felio Siby emblematic look. With Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier Swiss movement, a self-winding power reserve of 50 hours and weighing only 80 grams, the limited edition Felipe Nasr Watch by Felio Siby is priced at $135,000 and is now available by special order.

Dominique Siby has combined his love for high-class craftsmanship and elegant flair with luxury sports and a global life in the fast lane, to introduce a timepiece series that exemplifies human ingenuity and precision engineering – both of which are underlying themes for the endorsement campaign being launched over the Fall season.  Three brand ambassadors are strategically aligned to immortalize the design of three individual watches through excellence in their respective sports. Brand ambassadors for the Felio Siby Watch collection are the top ranked tennis professional from Czechoslovakia, Tomas Berdych; the leading Brazilian Formula One racing driver, Felipe Nasr and the UK based Sahara Force India Formula One team, for which the luxury fashion brand is also the official Lifestyle Partner.

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