Faster cars not silver bullet for F1, says Sauber

Formula 1 chiefs are wrong to believe that just making cars faster in 2017 will be a silver bullet to help deliver a better sport, claims Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn.

Although plans for wider cars with more downforce and bigger tyres are advancing, Kaltenborn reckons that F1 should be focusing more on making the sport more competitive, to deliver better racing.

"Making the cars faster: is that really needed?" she told at the FIA Sport Conference in Mexico. "Is it going to change anything? That is not the point you have to address.

"You really have to address the point that the competition has to come closer again. That is what fans want to see out there.

"Nobody can tell me if you are sitting in the grandstands you are going to notice a difference of three or four seconds [per lap]. It has to be much bigger.

"I don't think these are the real points: the points are much more fundamental. You also don't have to go down the route of making cars look different or not.

"You have enough fans who will like it or not like it [whatever it looks like.] But the most important point is to get the field closer."

The view on the need for better competition appears to be supported by those who follow the sport, with the recent Global Fan Survey conducted by the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) having shown that 89 per cent of fans want F1 to be more competitive.

Process wrong

Kaltenborn also thinks that the way F1 is preparing future changes is wrong, because there are too many ideas being floated about without careful consideration being made of their implications.

"One definitely has to do something about the show and one has to create the connectivity to the fans," she said.

"But so many ideas are coming up right now. They come up and before they have been thought to the end, even from the people who brought the ideas up, ten arguments against it [appear].

"So these discussions don't get you anywhere. Like with the idea of refuelling that was brought up again: was it really the right way when it was decided not to do it?"

Kaltenborn was speaking to Luis Ramirez

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