F1 teams demand return to 2015 qualifying format

Formula 1 teams have united and demanded that the sport returns to the 2015 qualifying format with immediate effect.

In a letter signed by all 11 teams and sent to the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and CVC, the teams have made clear they agree in their desire to see qualifying revert to last year's system.

The teams state they do not like the current elimination format and are against the latest idea of an aggregate system.

The letter, which is one of the rare occasions when the teams have acted unanimously, comes ahead of a decision day for F1 to decide what qualifying format it will have in place for China.

The teams had been expected to evaluate a new aggregate system, but in the end did not like the concept.

Furthermore, their unhappiness at the idea was increased when it became clear that fans were against the idea too.

A host of polls have this week shown that the vast majority of fans want to go back to the old qualifying format.

Option for change

The teams' rejection of the aggregate idea, and insistence on the 2015 format, leaves FIA president Jean Todt and Ecclestone facing a dilemma.

The pair have been resistant to going back to last year's format - and have so far refused to give teams the formal option of doing so.

But knowing that teams are wholly against the latest ideas, they know that efforts to try anything else will now be futile - which could force F1 to remain with the elimination system.

The situation risks escalating into a battle for political power, however, between them and the teams.

End of season trials

Despite their insistence about going back to last year's format now, the teams made it clear in their letter that they were open to qualifying tweaks in the future.

In fact, they have said that they would be open to trialling ideas - including radical concepts - later this season if the world championships have been decided.

That would allow proper evaluation of new ideas ahead of a proper and well-considered introduction in 2017.

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