Red Bull European GP - Valencia Friday Practice Report

Valencia Street Circuit


1st Practice P16, 2nd Practice P3

“Sometimes you try different things, which is normal on a Friday – there were no secrets from us today. This morning we were running a different programme, but this afternoon we were on the same page as the others.


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It was very tight with the times, but I had a very good feeling in the car. Much better this afternoon, so we‘ll see what we can do tomorrow. We had a good race here last year, but it was close with Lewis and Fernando, it’s changing from race to race, but lets see.”


1st Practice P1, 2nd Practice P7

“We used the medium tyres in the first session and they weren’t too bad. The first session went okay; there were a lot of different people testing a lot of different things with different fuel loads. In P2, it was more straightforward. We had a slow start to P2 and then went out on the option tyre. The long run went well and we got lots of information for the race on Sunday, the track temperatures are likely to be different on Sunday, but it’s still useful.”


First Practice Session
Position: 16, Best Time: 1:42.941, Laps: 21, Chassis No. 3

Second Practice Session
Position: 3, Best Time: 1:38.265, Laps: 31, Chassis No. 3


First Practice Session
Position: 1, Best Time: 1:40.403, Laps: 22, Chassis No. 4

Second Practice Session
Position: 7, Best Time 1:38.531, Laps: 26, Chassis No. 4

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