No Regrets After Saying No To Red Bull Seat - Alonso


Fernando Alonso insists he does not regret turning down an offer a few seasons ago to move to Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa
Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa

The Spaniard moved from Renault to Ferrari last season and battled for the title, but Red Bull won the championship and is now dominating in 2011 with clearly the best car.

Asked if he regrets snubbing Red Bull, 29-year-old Alonso - who has signed a long-term deal with Ferrari - said: "No, no.

"Perhaps I'd have three or four world championships, but I wouldn't be as happy as I am now nor would I be driving a Ferrari," he told

"I think that it is more important for a racing driver to drive for Ferrari than it is to have a world championship," he added.

Alonso also clarified that, whilst it is perceived that he clashed personally with Lewis Hamilton in 2007, he would be happy to once again share a team with the Briton.

It is more important for a racing driver to drive for Ferrari

Fernando Alonso

"I have no problem with Hamilton and neither did we have one at McLaren. I have the absolute respect for him. As long as it wasn't at McLaren, sharing a team with Hamilton would be good," he said.

Alonso also said he would work alongside Sebastian Vettel.

"I don't have problems in sharing a team with anybody," he insisted. "I have been lucky to be with great drivers, although when they share with me it seems that they have lost speed and have become bad drivers."

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