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No change to F1 Despite a working committee examining the state of F1, it is now thought unlikely that there will be major changes to the cars again to try and improve the racing. It has been argued that the difficulty in passing is making the...

No change to F1

Despite a working committee examining the state of F1, it is now thought unlikely that there will be major changes to the cars again to try and improve the racing. It has been argued that the difficulty in passing is making the sport more popular rather than less.

New Mugen for Jordan

Jordan look set to run a new version of the Mugen Honda engine in time for the British Grand Prix

Jordan denies Schumacher Jr under pressure

Jordan has denied rumours that Ralf Schumacher's place within the team is under review, despite persistant rumours.

Williams in Jerez quiz

The Williams team has gone to Jerez to try and understand why the car is massively underperforming this year, especially as Ferrari made massive improvements with the new Goodyears, and Williams were unable to get as much advantage

Ferrari denies axe

Sources within the Ferrari team have denied rumours that Montezemolo's position within the team is under threat. A separate story now suggests that Jean Todt could be the head to roll

Goodyear narrow still to run

The Goodyear 'narrow' tyre is expected to still be used at tracks such as Monza and Hockenheim where its smaller frontal area could be an advantage

McLaren wants wider Bridgestones

Adrian Newey is reported to have asked Bridgestone to make wider tyres available.

BAR engine '99% there'

BAR have said that they are 99% of the way to securing an engine deal. They have said that it will be a 'surprise'

On your lights.....

The new cockpit lights, in addition to flags, are to make there debut at the San Marino Grand Prix. They rely on transponders around the track. A similar system was tried in CART and withdrawn

Argentina cigarette ad ban?

Argentina has passed a law for all tobacco advertising to be in black and white in Buenos Aires. This could cause problems for the Argentine GP in future, unless all the tobacco sponsored teams were in black and white...

Prost loses gearboxes

The Prost team is reported to have gone through 50 gear boxes so far this year. Most teams use at most 10 in a season.

Italian press rumours axe at Ferrari

The Italian press has said the President of Ferrari, Luca di Montenzemolo, is in line for a move from the firm.

Williams denies new FW20'B'

Williams denied that it was running a new version of the FW20 at Argentina. It did admit to changes to the rear end, however.

Jordan - no new monocoque

Jordan's plans to develop a new monocoque in time for the British GP have been cancelled. The team will now concentrate on developing the current chassis

Ferrari want to cut costs

Ferrari have said that they want to see the costs of running F1 teams by making it less technical. The team have also been rumoured to have offered Michael Schumacher a =A350 million offer to see out his time at the team.........

Testing this week

Most of the F1 teams will be running at Silverstone testing this week. Williams are going to Jerez, Ferrari to their private tracks, Sauber and Prost to Magny Cours and Tyrrell to Barcelona

Arrows engine set to debut

Brian Hart has the new Arrows engine ready for racing, and it is expected to be seen soon into the European season.

Stewards to hold control

The FIA is expected to discuss with teams how the legality of new features to cars can be found out. It is expected that the stewards will now say yes or no, with no recourse to Charlie Whitings team at the FIA for prior approval.

Ecclestone ponders request

Bernie Ecclestone has scotched stories that he has refused to take part in an enquiry into the =A31 million donated to the Labour party. He says that he is considering the request.

Coulthard settles feud

After the Argentine Grand Prix David Coulthard had laid into Schumacher verbally. He has now settled his dispute with him, agreeing to disagree

Ferrari wins in Argentina

Against all expectations, Ferrari won the Argentine Grand Prix with a very competitive showing from Michael Schumacher

Hakkinen predicts wins will continue

Mika Hakkinen predicted before the race in Argentina that no one would come close to the McLarens in the race

Mercedes continues with McLaren

Mercedes and McLaren have announced that the two will remain together until at least 2002

McLaren sets pace in practice

David Coulthard set the pace in the practice sessions for this weekends Argentine Grand Prix. He was one second clear of the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher. Hakkinen was also up to speed until a late spin

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