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Mecachrome under pressure Williams and Benetton are increasing the pressure on Mecachrome to develop the ex-Renault V10 engine. Both teams have expressed concern at the lack of development. Williams believes that some of its problems come...

Mecachrome under pressure

Williams and Benetton are increasing the pressure on Mecachrome to develop the ex-Renault V10 engine. Both teams have expressed concern at the lack of development. Williams believes that some of its problems come from being unable to put enough downforce on the car, as it would hamper straightline speed too much.

X-Wings are gone!

The FIA has banned X-wings on safety grounds with immediate effect. It said that there was a risk of them flying off and hitting drivers, and that they hampered the safety of fuel stops. As a safety rule the ban comes in without teams approval and with immediate effect

New Mugen

The new Mugen-Honda engine is now ahead of schedule and may well be ready for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Barnard to stay

John Barnard has denied stories that he is to leave Arrows for Prost.

Jenkins under pressure?

Stories are circulating that Stewart designer Alan Jenkins is under pressure for the lack of competitiveness of the F1 car, and may be used as a scapegoat.

Bar no engine?

BARs engine deal is rumoured to be in trouble. Stories have recently suggested an Audi deal, but there is reported to be unwillingness from Audi to be involved in a brand new team. The team is now understood to be waiting on Benettons future engine deal to pick up a Mecachrome unit.

Rosset safe

Tyrrell are playing down stories that Ricardo Rosset's position in the team is under review. It was BARs employment of him in place of Verstappen which lead to Ken Tyrrell quitting the team early.

Customer Hondas in 2000

It is emerging that as well as a factory Honda team there may well also be a customer deal to compare the team with. This expected to be Jordan, whose deal runs out at the end of 1999.

Verstappen for Benetton test

Jos Verstappen is to test the Benetton-Playlife this week after failing to come to terms with Stewart.

Improved McLaren ahead

McLaren is to test a range of new aerodynamic and chassis tweaks to improve its current performance.

Lights tested

At Imola the in-car flag-lights were tested for the first time. It is reported that they suffered from interference.

Magnussen faces axe

After his performace so far this year, stories continue to do the rounds that Stewart is ready to get rid of Jan Magnussen. The team is reported to be in discussions with Jos Verstappen

Jordan makes progress

Damon Hill was upbeat after last weekends race, as he felt the Jordan team had made major progress in the last race. Despite an early pit stop for damage, Hill was 7th before retiring.

Audi threatens Ford

VW-Audi have increased their bid for Rolls Royce AND Cosworth. Ford have responded saying that if the deal comes of, they will pull the engine in house as the engine is theirs, not Cosworths. An insider said "The trucks would be backed up to the door and we would be loaded up".

Audi to replace Ford

One of the more fancifull rumours doing the rounds is that Audi is set to replace Ford at Stewart.

Mercedes says "no"

Mercedes have put water on a story of their own creating, by saying that it is not going to set up a Merc Jr team (like in GTs and ITC).

Ferrari bids to keep "team"

Luca di Montezemolo has said that he is in discussions with Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher to keep them at the Ferrari team into the next millenium. Jacques Villeneuve also went on record saying that he was not in meaningful discussions with the team.

Williams admits changes

The Williams team have admitted that they are to make fundamental changes to the rear of this years FW20. These revolve around a rear end based on last years car, which co-incidentally was designed by Adrian Newey....

Engine stability

BCE is aiming to keep the current 3l engine formula "open ended" to cut costs, as well as further restrictions on exotic materials and regenerative power in the engines.

New Arrows Engine

The Arrows concern were pleased with progress with their new F1 engine, which added 20-30 bhp to the top end of the unit.

Tuero fastest

Either due to a glitch or a major change in form, the Minardi of Tuero was credited with the fastest start/finish line speed during the race. Even the team said it was likely to be an error....

Arrows linked to Embassy

Rumours are abound that Arrows are set to be sponsored by Embassy next season.

-- Stephen M Baines

"[The Autosport sticker] started to peel off in the middle of Eau Rouge and it distracted me. In fact it was the first thing to hit the barrier" Tiff Needell - Jaguar XJR-15 Challenge - Interview with Autosport

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