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EJ says 'I am confused!' Eddie Jordan has said that he doesn't have a clue if Silverstone will be Damon's last race, but he'd personally like him to see out the season. EJ said 'I am confused because he seems to change his mind day to...

EJ says 'I am confused!'

Eddie Jordan has said that he doesn't have a clue if Silverstone will be Damon's last race, but he'd personally like him to see out the season.

EJ said 'I am confused because he seems to change his mind day to day. He's going through a difficult time. The season has not been good for him. But his signals back to the team have been ever changing. After France we didn't know whether he was going to race at Silverstone. Then I understood Silverstone would be his last race and we would have a big farewell. Then, the other night, he told me he wanted to see the season through. It's difficult because as a team we need a firm structure and to know where we are going.'

Belgium under threat - again!

The Belgian Grand Prix, in what has become an annual tradition, is under threat of cancellation once again. A law introduced in Belgium bans tobacco advertising, and as such threatens F1 in the country.

Max Mosley, president of the FIA, has said that it is up to the teams whether they are prepared to race at a circuit without tobacco advertising. He feels that the teams may just quit Belgium this year. Max is quoted saying "I don't know if that is going to happen this year but I suspect it might. It would be a great shame".

Silverstone tipped to see new McLaren-Mercedes

Rumours suggest that McLaren and Mercedes are to launch an alliance at Silverstone this weekend to build a new McLaren road car.

After being questioned on this, Ron Dennis said 'There was a decision that was finalised an hour ago by the supervisory board an hour ago and it's inappropriate for me to answer any questions today, but it's an extremely big step for our group and I am very proud of it.'

Villeneuve and Reynard kiss and make up

The tension between Jacques Villeneuve and Adrian Reynard has been dilluted with the news that the two have settled their differences. He said it was mainly a confussion over job titles, as he wasn't really the technical director of the team. 'Of the people competing for my time there is my wife and my five kids and other companies including BAR and Jacques Villeneuve - I guess I prioritise them in that order and he didnt like the priority.'

Irvine still cagey on F1 future

Eddie Irvine has refused to confirm or deny he is moving from Ferrari. When asked about whether he was going to swap with Barrichello he said 'It's a story that someone came up with when they were sitting in bed one morning and needed to fill a page of a newspaper'. When further he pushed he said that 'as long as that person sitting in bed wasn't Montezemolo, I'm alright.'

Head tells Hill to stay

Patrick Head has said that he thinks Damon Hill should stay in F1 to the end of the season, calling him an outstanding driver.

'I would like to see him continue until the end of the season. I think he still loves his racing. Obviously, he's had some pretty difficult races this year and it hasn't impressed him too much. It's probably fuelled by people interviewing him right after a race with the bloodstream full of adrenalin, and he's a bit depressed by what's happened. A few people have talked up his retirement as well, and maybe pushed him into this position. But I would prefer to see him see the season out.'

Heidfeld in line for Jordan drive

Nick Heidfeld has let it be known that he would be interested in the Jordan drive, if Damon Hill does quit this weekend. Talks are now said to be going on between Jordan and Mercedes-Benz who have a contract with the German.

Arrows signs deal with Supertec

Arrows has signed a £9m deal with Supertec. The ex-Renault V10 engine will power the Arrows next season in place of the Hart V10, said team boss Tom Walkinshaw.

Barrichello to stay at Stewart?

Rubens Barrichello has been offered a £4m a year contract to stay with Stewart next season, according to paddock stories. Barrichello has said that no decision has been made yet about next season.

'I'm talking to Ferrari, I'm talking to Jackie, but there's no decision yet... I feel pretty much at home at Stewart. I feel they can do a fantastic job ... with Ford's full ownership it can be even better. I have to keep that in mind. But I have not made up my mind'

Silverstone to keep GP - says Stewart

Jackie Stewart has claimed that the British Grand Prix will remain at Silverstone after 2002. He said a deal had been made between the circuit and Bernie Ecclestone. Earlier this year, Ecclestone and Nicola Foulston of Brands Hatch Leisure announced that the British Grand Prix would be moving to Brands Hatch, with a £20m refit of the circuit.

Situation unclear with Damon

The expected press conference with Damon Hill to confirm his retirement was cancelled yesterday, and now Damon is refusing to confirm or deny it will be his last race this weekend, at least until after the Grand Prix on Sunday.

Anheuser-Busch to back F1?

Trade papers are suggesting the Anheuser-Busch are wanting to use F1 to push their Budweiser brand to the European market. It isn't known whether it will involve an F1 team, but it will almost certainly involve backing the US Grand Prix next season.

-- Stephen M Baines http://www.motorsport.org.uk

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