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Frentzen won with broken knees It has been revealed that Heinz-Harald Frentzen won the French Grand Prix with fractured knees. The driver was x-rayed before testing last week, and was advised that he had seven breaks, and should let them heal...

Frentzen won with broken knees

It has been revealed that Heinz-Harald Frentzen won the French Grand Prix with fractured knees. The driver was x-rayed before testing last week, and was advised that he had seven breaks, and should let them heal before racing again. The return date suggested was September. In true Nuvolari style, Frentzen decided he will rest - once he's finished racing.

FIA threatens to pull F1 from Europe

The FIA has threatened to withdraw Formula One racing from Europe as a result of the never ending ding-dong between the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and the EC.

The investigator, Karel van Miert, said 'We have found evidence of serious infringements of EU competition rules which could result in substantial fines.'. The FIA accused the EC of conducting the investigation via the media, and has lodged complaints about various parts of the ruling.

Of major importance to Bernie, however, is that this ruling has meant that the proposed F1 float is once again in jepordy, whilst the bankers behind the Bernie Bond are now making offers to buy back the bond from nervous investors.

The four charges levelled against the FIA are - It has used it's power to block non FIA events - It's used this power to force others out of the market - It's used the power to acquire international television rights to all international events - The FIA and FOA tie the F1 teams to restrictive contracts.

Jordan signs Frentzen

Jordan has just announced that Heinz-Harald Frentzen is to stay with the team next season. They have taken up the option they had on his services.

Toyota to enter on their own

Toyota have reconfirmed that they plan to enter Formula 1 as a team in their own right, yet again. Toyota have also confirmed that it will operate out of TTE's base in Cologne.

Head and Newey face court again

Patrick Head and Adrian Newey face the prospect of returning to court over the death of Ayrton Senna.

The Italian prosecutor, Maurizio Passarini, appealed the last verdict and the case will be heard on November 19th. The judge acquited all defendents, whilst the prosecutor wanted a 1 year suspended sentance for Head and Newey.

BMW announce sponsor deal with Williams

Williams and BMW have struck a deal for the latter to help Williams in getting new sponsors. BMW have already upset current sponsor Veltins by trying to get a deal with Becks - another German brewer. Rothmans withdraws from Williams

Winfield, owned by Rothmans, have withdrawn sponsorship of the Williams F1 team from next season. The move was widely expected after the concern merged with BAT earlier this year.

Verstappen in line for drive

Jos Verstappen has emerged as favourite, with Mika Salo as second favourite, for the drive alongside Frentzen in the Jordan team. The two drivers are well regarded by Honda, whilst Shinji Nakano is said to have fallen out of favour with Mugen-Honda bosses.

Ford eyes Frentzen and Irvine

Ford is said to be wanting either Eddie Irvine or Heinz-Harald Frentzen in the Stewart team next season. This follows the rumour that Barrichello is being courted as replacement for Irvine at Ferrari.

Herbert's drive under threat

Johnny Herbert's drive with the Stewart team is said to be under threat for next year. Ford are not happy with the performance of the Briton this season.

Zonta to stay at BAR

Craig Pollock is reported to want to keep Ricardo Zonta in the team for next season. The decision at the moment is out of BARs hands, as McLaren has an option on his services until the end of August.

Benetton drivers to stay put?

Rocco Benetton has confirmed that he wants to keep his current drivers for 2000. Separate rumours say that Benetton's Mild Seven sponsorship is under threat.

Villeneuve lashes out

Jacques Villeneuve has lashed out at Adrian Reynard, saying that the BAR designer is not spending enough time on the job. He is reported to have described the conduct of Reynard as 'a let down'.

BAR to cut back testing

In an effort to save money British American Racing has decided to cut back on the amount of testing the team is to do for the rest of the season. The team has admitted it has overspent this season, and is now trying to find ways to save money and get extra money into the team.

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