F1 negativity may have boosted sport, says chief

Interest in Formula 1 may have actually increased on the back of recent suggestions that the sport is in crisis, claims one of its leading figures.

Martin Sorrell, a non-executive member of the F1 board, suggests that rather than criticisms of grand prix racing having been a turn-off, people have actually started paying more attention.

In an interview with news agency the Associated Press, Sorrell said: "What's interesting is when sports are under pressure, it's a reverse psychology, people start to get more interested.

"The more friction there is in the sport I think it actually in a perverse way becomes more interesting, rather than less interesting."

Not all good

Sorrell does admit, however, that the gloomy comments surrounding F1 are not so good for attracting sponsors or investors, even though big changes are coming for 2017 to try to improve the show.

"Obviously there will be changes that will help the sport," Sorrell said. "But I am looking at it from a marketing point of view.

"And just talking (at Silverstone) to one or two of our (WPP) clients, they are very interested in the sport, but obviously disturbed by some of the things that they read and hear.

"That creates a feeling of instability or uncertainty which is not good, but I think out of that comes big opportunities."

He added: "F1 offers massive potential. Sport is becoming more and more important and with live events, the rights prices are actually increasing.

"So if you think about F1 in that context there should be more opportunity not less opportunity (for growth)."

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