Lotus Renault's Bruno Senna on the Japanese Grand Prix

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Three races into his Lotus Renault GP race driver career and Bruno is chomping at the bit to return to the cockpit at one of his favourite tracks - Suzuka.

What was your verdict on the weekend you had in Singapore?

Bruno Senna: For me personally, it was quite a positive weekend. In this latest part of the learning curve, I managed to cut out any mistakes which is a positive. I had a very full programme working with engineers, and the work I'm doing with them is getting better. Despite the Marina Bay Circuit not being a track where the R31 is naturally at ease, I have still been able to notice an improvement in my relationship with the car, and I feel there is a discernible direction in which we are going. I'm becoming more ingratiated with the team and with the car, which provides me comfort as I look forward to the next race.

Bruno Senna, Renault F1 Team
Bruno Senna, Renault F1 Team

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Having got three races under your belt, do you feel on more of an even keel with the other drivers?

BS: Not yet. Undoubtedly they (the other drivers) still have the upper hand because they have completed more races than me. I've driven at three very different circuits so far in very different conditions, and Suzuka will be another of the traditional races where I have limited experience. I'm learning and catching-up with the other drivers on the grid, but they have a considerable amount more experience than I do, and have greater knowledge about the tyres too.

The Japanese Grand Prix - word has it Suzuka's one of your favourite circuits…

BS: You're right, it's one of my favourites! The blend of high speed and mid speed corners makes it a very stimulating track. It's one of the classics that has changed very little since the start. I'm really looking forward to driving there, and I'm confident that I can put my name back on the points board for the team.

The blend of high speed and mid speed corners makes it a very stimulating track

Bruno Senna

Is it a circuit that should suit the car better than Singapore?

BS: I'm convinced that will be the case. The low-speed nature of Singapore made it the worst circuit for us in terms of performance. That hurt us a little bit, but with the updates that we have planned for Suzuka we should be strong there, and get both cars in the points again - that's where we belong.

We are entering the closing stages of the season now with five races left - what do you expect?

BS: My prerogative is adding more points to my name. If we can still add to the car a little bit here and there, that will help. We need to stay ahead of the teams behind us, in particular Force India. If we can close the gap to Mercedes GP in fourth, that would be a real boost for the team but primarily we must hold on to fifth position.

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