Lotus Renault's Bruno Senna about the Indian Grand Prix

Lotus Renault press release

It looks like the circuit could be an ally for our car

Did you enjoy your maiden outing on this track?

BS: Yes, I really enjoyed today. Both LRGP cars were in the positions they should be and the track looks like it could be an ally for our car. We need to develop and extract more from the set-up, but we definitely have potential here.

Bruno Senna, Renault F1 Team
Bruno Senna, Renault F1 Team

Photo by: xpb.cc

What aspects of the track stood out for your?

BS: The track is very good, that’s for sure. When I walked it yesterday it was clear it was going to be very dusty, and that was also the case this morning, but it is improving all the time. The corners are very fast and they encourage you to push, push, push so I think we can have a good weekend here.

How is the grip?

BS: We feared it wouldn’t at first, but it is now improving. The racing lines should also now start to widen so we should be able to push even harder.

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