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No way could the Horse Whisperer miss out on the Ferrari World Finals which is how he found himself at the lovely Mugello circuit, an example to all in terms of how to build and run a facility with a sound business plan. Of course, the Whisperer listened attentively to the words of President Montezemolo when he met the press, especially the bits relating to the future of Formula 1.

Luca di Montezemolo, Scuderia Ferrari, FIAT Chairman and President of Ferrari
Luca di Montezemolo, Scuderia Ferrari, FIAT Chairman and President of Ferrari

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Montezemolo’s observations were seen by some as a sort of ultimatum or even a threat to leave Formula 1, but the Whisperer can assure you that it was nothing of the kind. For starters, the words “leave” or “ultimatum” did not even feature in his pronouncement, but what really needs to be stressed is that Montezemolo spoke in a totally constructive fashion, which is usually the case with the President of a company that has always been in Formula 1 and who has the future well being of the greatest form of motorsport so close to his heart.

Saying that “Formula 1 is still our life, but without Ferrari there is no Formula 1, just as without Formula 1 Ferrari would be different” means that Maranello is working on the front line when it comes to drawing up plans for the immediate future of the sport. The criticisms and comments put forward yesterday are nothing new – Montezemolo has aired them before. On the contrary, they must be seen as a stimulus: it’s logical that a sports car manufacturer sees its involvement in Formula 1 above all as a test bench for advanced technological research, while always bearing in mind that keeping costs under control is a must and Maranello has always been at the forefront of this initiative.

Formula One is still our life, but without Ferrari there is no Formula One

Ferrari's Horse Whisperer

That’s why the number of testing days needs to be revised: not only because we are the only sporting discipline where athletes are strictly forbidden from training on their “pitch” but also because the current restrictions make it impossible for youngsters to progress and experience driving for real rather than just in the virtual world of the simulator.

And to those who think that cutting back on aerodynamics was done purely for Ferrari’s benefit, remember that taking into account Ferrari’s historic role, clearly it is right to want to think of Formula 1’s success as a sport: we don’t want to see missiles or rockets on the track; what we want is competition between cars.

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