F1 drivers overwhelmed by Survey response


Formula 1 drivers say they have been overwhelmed by the response to their GPDA Global Fan Survey – as they call on fans to not miss the chance to get their voices heard.

The Survey, conducted in association with Motorsport.com, closes this Sunday after the Canadian Grand Prix and is on course to become the biggest sporting fan survey ever completed.

GPDA chairman Alex Wurz said: "The number of participants is impressive – and the drivers are really happy that the fans wanted to voice their opinions.

"It was also truly global, because we have had participants from 191 countries so far.

"So on behalf of all of F1 – we want to say thanks to all the fans around the world for taking part in the survey. And if you have not done it yet, it is not too late."

Those who have not yet taken part in the Survey can complete it here: gpda.motorsport.com.

Survey a win for fans

Wurz said that the drivers were especially eager to find out first hand the answers now.

"We are curious to see what they are," he said.

"The survey was put together in a very scientific way to help gain a deep understanding and profile of the individuals who took part. That is perhaps the biggest value in this research exercise."

Intelligent response

Wurz has said there is no desire by the GPDA to use the Survey findings as an excuse to demand unrealistic change – and that everything the drivers do will be done in a considered way by working out what is best for F1.

"Once we close the Survey it will take a few weeks until the data is processed," he said.

"Once that is done, the GPDA will discuss the outcome internally and we will consider carefully the fans' opinions and will plan our further steps accordingly.

"We will definitely not shout and demand changes just for the sake of it. That is not the GPDA's intention and style.

"We would like to consider carefully the financial impact of any recommendation – as well as the sporting implications.

"We are well aware of the complexity of the sport and its underlying business model, as we know that sometimes simple changes have large knock on effects."

Realistic ambitions

Wurz is well aware that there may be some utopian calls from the survey which will be impossible to implement from a financial or regulatory perspective.

But he says that F1's stakeholders must still understand what is driving those who follow it.

"If the younger generation tells us via the survey that they like to enjoy F1 on multiple platforms, and would like an interactive multi-device approach, then F1 will know what to develop," he said.

"This is why I am ultra curious about the results.

"We don't know the full picture, and that some things the survey outcome suggests, might not be possible or feasible.

"But I hope the key stakeholders, including us drivers, will get the message the fans have sent to us."

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