F1 Circuits Want 18,000rpm For New Engine Rules


The vast majority of the Formula One race promoters are threatening to boycott the sport over proposed engine rules for the future.

Boycot threat over F1 engines
Boycot threat over F1 engines

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The FIA is set to scrap the controversial four-cylinder rules for 2013 after the teams and engine makers agreed instead to run turbo V6 engines in 2014.

But every Grand Prix race promoter except China and Korea remains unhappy, signing a letter threatening to drop F1 and instead host Indycar events if the rev-limit does not remain at 18,000 in 2014 and beyond.

The letter, dated one day after last week's F1 Commission meeting in London, said the sound of the new engine rules in the future "is to be the same as the current (V8) engine".

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday told the German news agency SID that he was aware of the letter and supported the promoters.

We are not going to have our customer base destroyed

Ron Walker

Australian Grand Prix Corporation chairman Walker, from whose office the letter was penned, is quoted by the UK Express newspaper as saying the proposed low-revving engine "would be like a tin can rattling".

"We are not going to have our customer base destroyed. I told them (the FIA) that the circuits would not run it. The sound is part of the brand."

Walker also confirmed that Ecclestone backs the promoters' position.

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