Bahrain's F1 return 'in the balance' for 2012

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The chances Bahrain will host its Grand Prix as scheduled next year have shrunk this week, according to two respected British correspondents.

2012 Bahrain GP still in doubt
2012 Bahrain GP still in doubt

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The Telegraph's Tom Cary said he spent two hours on Wednesday reading the 500-page report produced by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry.

He said the report, produced to analyse the unrest that earlier this year moved Formula One to cancel the 2011 season opener, made clear that "many instances of torture" and abuse by the government took place and that "the situation in the country remains extremely delicate".

Said Cary: "As far as next April's scheduled Grand Prix is concerned, my feeling is that it remains in the balance.

"Formula One's teams and sponsors are clearly waiting to see how the world reacts (to the report); to judge the mood.

"I would not be surprised if the race was moved back in the 2012 calendar - possibly paired with Abu Dhabi - when the calendar is signed off at the next WMSC (World Council) meeting, to buy more time," added Cary.

Writing in the Guardian from Sao Paulo, another British correspondent Paul Weaver agreed that Bahrain faces "a struggle to survive" on the 2012 calendar.

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