A special helmet for the last race of the season for Liuzzi

HRT press release

Sao Paulo stages the last Grand Prix of the 2011 season and Vitantonio Liuzzi has decided to make the most of the occasion by wearing what will be his last helmet of the season. It will be a very special edition because this time Tonio has been the person behind the design of the helmet.

The pitlane of the Interlagos circuit last year ...
The pitlane of the Interlagos circuit last year ...

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Vitantonio has worked very hard this season with HRT and for this reason, to finish the season on a high, designer “Lucky” Gianluca Croci has thought that Tonio should give his all not only in the car but outside of it too by being the person in charge of designing it.

It is the seventh special edition designed this season by Kaos Design, but this new helmet is different to the rest and will be different to anything seen before in Formula 1. With a completely black base, the characteristic lines which Tonio has on his standard helmet will be drawn in white with the sponsors and VL logo written in golden leaves. The name of the helmet is “K-Writeme” and it is covered in a material similar to that of a blackboard meaning that Tonio can write and erase what he wants on the surface until he is happy with the design.

Tonio will draw on it with chalk … and tomorrow we will see the results

“Lucky” Gianluca Croci

Today Tonio will draw on it with chalk…and tomorrow we will see the results when he comes out to the track.

“When Lucky told me his idea for this last special edition I loved it. The possibility of customizing your helmet how you want is something that has never been seen before in Formula 1 and something that I thought was quite fun to finish the season off. I had no idea what it would look like…Today I saw the base for the first time and I love it. I just feel bad about ruining it with my drawings!”, commented Tonio when he saw the helmet for the first time”.

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