EU investigation into F1 will be positive for FIA, says Todt

FIA president Jean Todt believes there will only be a positive outcome for the governing body from the looming EU investigation into Formula 1.

Force India and Sauber have complained to the European Commission that the current governance and commercial rights structure of F1 is illegal – because its breaches anti-competition legislation.

In particular, they feel that the way the big teams are automatically given a majority of income, plus have an exclusive say in the F1 Strategy Group, is unfair on smaller outfits.

Todt has long said he is unhappy about the way the prize structure in F1 works and says part of his desire to push for a cheap standard engine is because he cannot do anything about the payments.

When asked whether he believed, therefore, that the outcome of an EU investigation could actually be positive in forcing some change, Todt said: “It will be irrelevant for me to anticipate if and what could be decided, but as FIA president I am very, very relaxed about that.

“Whatever comes out can only be in favour of the FIA.”

Prize structure

Todt has become more pro-active in recent weeks in trying to help push through changes that will ensure the survival of independent teams.

And, after expressing frustration that plans to put a cap on customer engine prices were blocked by Ferrari, he is adamant that the current system is not as fair as it should be.

“The only thing that is unfair is you cannot ask teams with limited budgets, with the distribution of revenues that are completely unfavourable to them, to pay this amount for an engine,” he said about the current prices.

“I have been trying with my people to see what could be an option. We don't have any influence on the revenues, it is a matter for the commercial rights holder, but we need to have an influence on the regulations.

“In this case, I only see the possibility of introducing the more affordable engine which will still allow the teams to be competitive.”

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