Ecclestone says Formula 1 is "sick"


Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone says the sport is 'sick', and has criticised the teams for being too egoistic.

Ecclestone also reckons the current complex technical rules are a big part of the reason why television audiences are declining.

"Sick for a start," said Ecclestone when asked what diagnosis would he make of Formula 1.

"We have lost audience and I want to know why. There are so many options people have these days for entertainment.

"Before you had a handful of channels - and on one you could watch Formula 1. Now people can choose from too many options - that confuses."

The F1 boss insists Formula 1 has become too complicated for the average fan.

"Commentators add to the situation as they explain for an expert audience and not for people wanting to have an entertaining afternoon in front of their tellies," Ecclestone told the official Formula 1 website.

"And many times these commentators hide behind technical terms because they themselves don't fully understand what is going on. There you have it."

"We have meetings"

Ecclestone was also critical of the teams for not allowing change to happen, saying all they do is think about themselves.

"The teams are egoistic. They do nothing for the sport, only for themselves. They only do what is good for them.

"It is frustrating to see that they just think about the present and have no visions for the future. I think there are people in the paddock who don't think beyond the next race.

"Somebody goes into hospital because they're sick and a surgeon might say that they've got to have their arm cut off - and they do it, and that's it.

"They don't have a meeting about it. We have meetings."

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