Eau Rouge exciting again, claim F1 drivers

Eau Rouge is back to being one of Formula 1's best corners thanks to the current generation of grand prix cars, claim leading drivers.

The high top-speed and lower downforce characteristics of the latest turbo-powered F1 cars has put the challenge back in Spa-Francorchamps's most famous corner – after years when it was easily taken flat out.

Speaking about which corner needed the most bravery at Spa now, Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat said: "Eau Rouge once again.

"With these cars it's back to being a bit of a balls out corner – especially in the wet.

"Pouhon is pretty much and Blanchimont still, but really only in the wet. It's full of great, flowing, interesting sections."

Stomach churning

Lewis Hamilton agrees that Eau Rouge is the highlight of Spa, especially with the way that the gradient changes before the climb up to Raidillon.

Speaking about the lap on the Belgian Grand Prix preview edition of Inside GP Hamilton said Eau Rouge delivered a sensation like no other corner.

"Down the hill, flat out, Eau Rouge is always the most exciting part of the circuit," he said.

"When you attack it flat out, when you get to the bottom of it, your insides drop.

"And then when you get to the top they come back up and it feels like everything will come out of of your mouth – which is quite exciting when you are going 200mph!"

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