Drivers ask for stricter policing of track limits

The FIA has been asked to impose more consistent and stricter policing of track limits at all levels of motor racing, following the latest Drivers' Commission meeting.

In the wake of renewed discussion in Formula 1 about drivers abusing track limits, which emerged after the tyre blowouts at the Belgian Grand Prix, the issue was a major talking point during the latest meeting of the FIA's Drivers Commission in Paris this week.

Following lengthy discussions between its leading representatives, including Emerson Fittipaldi, Emanuele Pirro, Karun Chandhok and Tom Kristensen, an action plan has been put in place in the hope it will address the issue.

While some thought was given to trying to find ways of deterring drivers from running off track, perhaps through better kerbing, there was an acceptance that such a topic would require discussion with circuit chiefs.

That is why the Commission has asked the FIA if one of its representatives can sit on the next meeting of the Circuits' Commission, to try to move forward in finding a solution that works for all motor racing categories and bikes as well.

Better policing

In the shorter term, however, the Drivers' Commission has asked for more consistent policing, and stricter enforcement, of track limit rules.

It suggests that the way track limits are currently enforced, where it is allowed at some corners and tracks because drivers are deemed not to have gained a 'lasting' advantage, is not ideal.

The Commission thinks there should be a universal rule for all tracks and categories that means drivers are not allowed to abuse track limits, with strict enforcement to clamp down on anyone trying to push the margins.

Young driver training

Of concern as well to the Commission was that confusion about track limits in F1 was not helping discipline drivers on their way up the motor racing ladder.

It has therefore suggested that the FIA set up a standardised mandatory driver training course for youngsters making the step from karting to help them better understand their responsibilities and expectations regarding safety.

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