Double trouble ... Please scrap this system for 2015

My take on the 'Abu Double' is fairly cut and dry. Get rid of it.

There is just one Formula One race left in 2014 in Abu Dhabi. It’s a race that will either crown a worthy two-time champion in Lewis Hamilton or a new champion in Nico Rosberg, due to a controversial new rule that will hopefully be gone next year.

Hamilton has earned the title of two-time World Champion

Hamilton has won ten races this year compared to Rosberg’s five and enters Abu Dhabi with a seventeen point lead. Double points allows Rosberg to stiill have a likely shot at it. If he wins, Hamilton must finish third or lower.

The rule could and should have been thrown out months ago as in my opinion it could make a farce of the whole season. It is what it is though and all we can do is hope that the title goes to the man who has proven himself the champion.

I’m aware that there will be people reading this that dislike Hamilton and want Rosberg to win and that’s their opinion and I have no issue with that, but can you imagine other sports implementing such a gimmick? I wager you can’t.

What makes Abu Dhabi worth twice as much as any other GP?

The powers that be will deny it but the double points rule was obviously brought in to stop drivers (aka Vettel) from clinching it with multiple races remaining. 

The whole thing is a bit of a farce and will hopefully be a one-season wonder. What makes Abu Dhabi worth more than any other race? Simply because it's the last one? It's a flawed system and I just hope that it doesn't alter the outcome, because there will always be an asterisk next to Rosberg's name if it does.

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