Does Rosberg have a chance? The stats say ... Maybe

For the sixth time in the 21st century, the Formula One title will come down to the final race.

Since the turn of the century, there have been 14 champions crowned in Formula One. In those 14 seasons, only five of them have gone down to the final race. It happened in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Raikkonen comes from behind in 2007

In those five cases, the leader going into the finale managed to win 60% of the time. In both 2007 and 2010, the leader going into the final race had the championship slip out of his grasp. In 2007, the third place driver (Kimi Raikkonen) actually came out on top. Lewis Hamilton held a four point advantage over Fernando Alonso, finishing seventh and Alonso third in the finale. However, Raikkonen managed to win the race and being only seven points behind, he managed to steal the title by a single point over his fellow World Champions.

Four-way fight in 2010

In 2010, the third place driver coming in also emerged victorious. Technically, four drivers were still in it with Hamilton 24 points back in fourth, but his chances were slim to none. Alonso led Mark Webber by eight points and the duo finished seventh and eighth when the checkered flag flew. Vettel, who came into the race 15 points adrift of the lead, like Raikkonen in '07, won the race and stole the crown.

Teammates battle down to the wire with double points at stake

In 2014, we have two drivers still eligible going into the Abu Dhabi finale. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton leads teammate Nico Rosberg by 17 points. That margin is roughly seven points when compared to the points format utilized from 1991 to 2009. In that time span, only one driver has made up such a margin, being Raikkonen in 2007. Massa almost did the same the following year, but a last lap pass by Hamilton crushed the Brazilian's hopes. At Abu Dhabi, remember that double points are also in play, which gives Rosberg a much better chance than others have had in previous years.

Hamilton has won a title in the final race and he's lost one before too, while Rosberg is looking at his first shot at the World Championship. Hamilton must finish first or second to clinch it, which he has managed to do in in 13 of the 18 GPs contested thus far.

Let us know your take on who will be crowned champion this weekend, and enjoy these stats from previous years.

Previous years

2013 - Sebastian Vettel leads Alonso by 145 points - CLINCHED

2012 - Sebastian Vettel leads Alonso by 13 points - WINS

2011 - Sebastian Vettel leads Button by 119 points - CLINCHED

2010 - Fernando Alonso leads Webber by 8 points, Vettel by 15, Hamilton by 24 - LOSES

2009 -  Jenson Button leads Vettel by 15 points - CLINCHED

2008 - Lewis Hamilton leads Massa by 7 points - WINS

2007 - Lewis Hamilton leads Alonso by 4 points, Raikkonen by 7 - LOSES

2006 - Fernando Alonso leads Schumacher by 10 points - CLINCHED (Would win in tiebreaker)

2005 - Fernando Alonso leads Kimi Raikkonen by 19 points - CLINCHED

2004 - Michael Schumacher leads Barrichello by 38 points - CLINCHED

2003 - Michael Schumacher leads Raikkonen by 9 points - WINS

2002 - Michael Schumacher leads Barrichello by 63 points - CLINCHED 

2001 - Michael Schumacher leads Coulthard by 52 points - CLINCHED 

2000 - Michael Schumacher leads Haikkinen by 12 points - CLINCHED 

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