Dennis: F1 testing restrictions don't save money


McLaren chairman Ron Dennis believes Formula 1's testing regulations need a rethink – because they are hampering progress and doing little to reduce costs.

With progress of his Woking-based team and new partner Honda having been hampered by an inability to make changes or do testing, Dennis has admitted to frustration about the limits imposed on the teams.

In particular, he is unhappy that moves to reduce costs – like a big limit on testing – actually has limited benefit because it has simply shifted expenditure on to dyno running and factory facilities.

When asked by how much the regulations were holding back McLaren-Honda's development push, Dennis said: “I think the frustration I have personally with the regulations is that virtually everything that is designed to reduce costs has increased it.

“That is primarily because the cost of getting durability is endless evaluating on dynos and test cells.

“I like to go testing. I would like to have freedom in wind tunnels. I would like to have freedom in CFD, because when you are uncompetitive you have to develop your way out of it.

“At the moment the regulations are extremely constraining in that area.”

Alonso similar concerns

The complaints about an inability to test and make progress has already been highlighted by Fernando Alonso this year – who has had his own frustrations at the situation.

On several occasions, he has cited the fact that with the way modern F1 is, there is little scope for in-season improvements.

Speaking at the Hungarian GP this year, Alonso said that the biggest problem with modern F1 was not anything to do with technical complexity – like too many sensors on the car to help drivers out.

"It is not the amount of information we get. It is that we have the hands tied for the season," he said.

"So when we put the car in Barcelona or Jerez for the first test, it is a coin in the air [to decide]. If it is competitive you will have a good season and if it is not competitive you will have a bad season."

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