Cosworth launches 2006 campaign

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“Cautiously optimistic” Cosworth launches 2006 campaign alongside blue-chip partner WilliamsF1

WilliamsF1 today launched its 2006 challenger alongside engine partner Cosworth who are providing power to the FW28 in the shape of the all-new 2.4-litre CA2006 V8 engine.

The scope of the collaboration between the two companies has included not just the engine as an isolated element of a race car, but has extended to the complete programme of design and development of entire drivetrain package (spanning engine, transmission, associated electronics, software and installation architecture). The 2006 season brings with it a wholesale change in engine regulations, the most fundamental in the sport for sixteen years.

Tim Routsis, Cosworth’s CEO said, “Following the dramatic shift in the engine regulation landscape, we are approaching an immensely exciting 2006 F1 season with a mindset of cautious optimism. Our partnership with WilliamsF1 continues to strengthen and the highly motivated nature of the relationship has produced extremely encouraging results since track testing began."

"The CA2006 V8 was first installed in the WilliamsF1 FW27C interim car in November last year, since when it has completed in excess of 7,000kms of test mileage. Progress achieved so far by Williams and Cosworth validates the expectation of the partnership enjoying a competitive campaign this season.”

The two British companies are experts in their own fields and count between them 29 Formula One World Championship titles and 272 GP wins. Tim continued, “Cosworth has been investing into the partnership programme thereby underlining our commitment towards success with WilliamsF1. The results of our work so far are consistent with our aggressive targets which demand for not only highly competitive performance, but also a continuation of the reliability targets we established during 2005 during which the Cosworth TJ2005 was the most reliable F1 engine on the grid.”

Sam Michael, Technical Director WilliamsF1 said, We have forged a great and immediate working relationship with Cosworth and we have been extremely impressed with the progression of initial project scoping through to trackside delivery. Everything has happened against clear objectives and we have made real progress together as a partnership."

“Success in F1 matters for Cosworth; we are engaged in using our F1 culture and technology to make substantial in roads into adjacent markets to create a permanent foundation for new business development”. Tim concluded.

Engine Designation: CA2006
Configuration: V8
Vee Angle: 90deg
Number of valves: 32
Capacity: 2398cc
Power Output: Not disclosed
Maximum Engine Speed: Not disclosed
Construction: Aluminium cylinder block and heads, cast at
Cosworth's foundry. Aluminium alloy pistons, steel crankshaft
Engine Electronics: Pi/Cosworth
Spark Plugs: Champion
Weight: 95kg Minimum (FIA defined Centre of Gravity)


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