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Last weekend’s Grand Prix of China concluded the 2005 FIA Formula One World Championship and also marked the end after 16 years of the 3.0-litre V10 engine era in Formula One. Next season will see the introduction of 2.4-litre V8 engines with Cosworth entering a wide-ranging partnership agreement for the provision and development of V8 engines for WilliamsF1’s entry in the Formula One World Championship.

Before then, however, did you know that in 2005 Cosworth enjoyed its strongest season in F1 since 1999?

ENGINE LIFE: Typical engine life increased from a maximum of 350km (pre-2004) to 650km (2004) to 1300km maximum (2005). Engine life has therefore almost quadrupled in just two seasons!

ENGINE PERFORMANCE: The rate of engine performance development continued to increase despite the demanding increases to engine life. The TJ2005 Series 10 engine used by Red Bull Racing at the 2005 Australian Grand Prix was a significant gain (+25BHP & +300RPM) in qualifying over the Series 8 engine used in the final race of 2004 (Brazilian Grand Prix).

The Series 12 engine introduced exclusively with Red Bull Racing at the U.S. Grand Prix (17th-19th June) represented the biggest performance gains Cosworth has ever delivered as a mid-season upgrade (+30BHP & +700RPM) to take peak power to well over 900BHP throughout the races & maximum engine speed to 19000RPM.

The TJ2005 Series 12 engines raced in Shanghai last weekend were run to an optimised ‘single event’ duty cycle to give maximum performance over their one event life. These two engines were the highest performance V10 engines ever raced by Cosworth. ENGINE

RELIABILITY: Cosworth made no unscheduled engine changes with Red Bull Racing throughout the 2005 race season. No other team in F1 achieved this in 2005. Cosworth experienced one single engine failure in competition in 2005. (The engine was on its second event with Red Bull Racing’s David Coulthard at the Belgian Grand Prix on 11th September).

Minardi introduced the TJ2005 Series 10 powered PS05 chassis at the San Marino Grand Prix (22nd-24th April) & enjoyed the same levels of engine reliability as Red Bull Racing.

RESULTS: The first two TJ2005 Series 10 engines raced by Red Bull Racing scored points in both their debut races (David Coulthard & Christian Klien in Australia & Malaysia respectively). In 38 race starts Cosworth powered Red Bull Racing to 21 top 10 finishes, 15 points finishes & 4 double points finishes. Best finishes were David Coulthard’s 4th places at Melbourne & Nurburgring.


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