Construction details of 2014 Russian Grand Prix circuit in Olympic Park unveiled

At the end of September, 2012 the Russian Grand Prix promoter unveiled the details of construction works of F1 race track.

As a part of journalistic tour to Imeretinskaya lowland, where the Olympic Park and the circuit are being built, the representatives of companies: Formula Sochi, The Construction Technology Transfer Center of Krasnodar Region Omega and Tilke GmbH.

The future Formula 1 circuit layout, configuration and its integration in the Olympic Park were presented by Alexander Bogdanov CEO of OJSC Formula Sochi, Galina Chumakova the Director of the construction and development of Formula 1 race track and Jörn van Rey and Alexander Ryabtsev of Tilke GmbH.

Construction of Sochi F1 track, corner near Skating Palace
Construction of Sochi F1 track, corner near Skating Palace

Photo by: Formula Sochi



To date, the engineering, survey and design works are fully completed. The positive findings of RF State Expert Evaluation Department and detailed design documentation for all objects are received.

The construction and installation works are being carried out on the track. Erection of the first floors of the Pit buildings is almost completed. The Team Buildings, Race Control Tower and Medical Center are currently underway – the first floors are being constructed.

Construction crews are also making good progress with the preparing of the foundation of the track by soil replaсement in areas with total length of 2017 m and total volume of 132,580.14 m3. The rough layer of asphalt concrete is finished.


According to the project, Formula 1 circuit is to be integrated into the Olympic Park infrustructure. Circuit facilities are located in close vicinity to the railway station, Media Center, and to roads designated for the Olympic Games and designed to connect the Olympic venues to the airport. The integration of the Formula 1 circuit into the Olympic Park will ensure the best post-Olympic use of the Olympic Park infrastructure.

Officials unveil the 3d model of the Russian GP track at Sochi
Officials unveil the 3d model of the Russian GP track at Sochi

Photo by: Formula Sochi

The schedule charts of the Olympic Park construction and the Formula 1 circuit construction are synchronized in order to optimize the cost of the infrastructures of both objects. The schedule charts take into account the need for preliminary test competitions.

Formula 1 circuit buildings are also designed to be used for the needs of Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Nevertheless in the post-Olympic period the facilities are intended for Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix purpose only.


The total area of the construction site and its infrastructure is 36 hectares; the building area is 104425m2. The upcoming circuit has a total length of 5872 m (in plane) with eleven right-hand turns and five left-hand turns; traffic of the track will be clockwise. The track width is about 13 meters at selected areas and varies from 13 meters at its narrowest point and 15 meters on a start / finish line.

The upcoming track will effectively combine speed and technical sections. The start-finish straight between the pit box and the main grandstand overlooks spectacular view. The Formula 1 car will develop the maximum speed of 321 km/h in a straight line between the first and second turns of the total length of about 650 m. In combination of the ninth and tenth turns the Formula 1 car will pick up the speed to 314 km/h, and then reduce the speed to 109 km/h, experiencing high brake overload.

The track is integrated in the road network of Imeretinskaya lowland and will consist of two circuits. The long track is to be used only for Formula 1 Grand Prix days, the short track is supposed to function throughout the year to host multiple motorsport events.

CEO of Formula Sochi Alexander Bogdanov
CEO of Formula Sochi Alexander Bogdanov

Photo by: Formula Sochi

The circuit infrastructure consists of the following objects:
• Team Building (2 floors)
• Pit Building (4 floors)
• Medical Center building (1 floor)
• Main Grandstand building (5 floors)
• Control Race building (4 floors)

The maximum height of the building is 27.28 meters.


OJSC , The Construction Technology Transfer Center of Krasnodar Region Omega is in charge of the construction of the Formula 1 circuit in Sochi. To date over 600 people are involved in the project.

In the framework of the XI International Investment Forum Sochi-2012 the promoter of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix also released an updated three-dimensional layout of the future Russian Formula 1 circuit in Sochi.

Source: OJSC Formula Sochi

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