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From track to back tracks Kenny Brack and Patrick Carpentier from the CART series will we swapping their steering wheels for musical instruments on race days. Rest assured only for an hour or two, before strutting their stuff on the racetrack. ...

From track to back tracks
Kenny Brack and Patrick Carpentier from the CART series will we swapping their steering wheels for musical instruments on race days. Rest assured only for an hour or two, before strutting their stuff on the racetrack. The two formed a four-person band that will provide entertainment on race days. The name of the band is R.P.M - Racing Powered Music! Brack will be strumming away at the guitar while Carpentier will be at it on the drums. For Brack it is a dream come true: "It sure seems to be easier to put together a band and get some publicity than it is to start racing and getting into a racing career," Brack said. "Sure, I know it helps that we are racing drivers that play music. I guess there are musicians and actors who want to be racing drivers. So it's a natural fantasy. Now maybe we can live out one of our fantasies with this band. Hey, I guess I can live out a dream now. I can go trash a hotel room on the road and we can act like rockers - just kidding. Somehow I think I've probably outgrown my restless stage. I just want to play well in front of the fans and have a good time. I think I'm pretty serious about this band thing. I just don't want to look bad."

Kimmi Raikkonen in love
Kimmi Raikkonen has taken F1 by storm drawing praise from the likes of Michael Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard not to mention getting the attention of top teams like Ferrari wishing to sign up the latest sensation. Raikkonen has opted to stay with Sauber next season. The 21-year old Finn impressed many with his driving skill since entering the Formula 1 scene the beginning of this season. He absolutely swoons over the cars and loves F1. He explains his love and passion to F1 Racing Magazine: Raikkonen told F1 Racing Magazine: "I love these cars. They're nice to driver. The power, the braking, the gearbox - these cars never surprise you. When you're pushing them hard, you know how they're going to react - which is not something you get from cars in the junior categories. The semi-automatic gearboxes I particularly like because you can keep two hands on the wheel at all times, which means that you can concentrate on the actually driving the whole time." The two have taken to each other. May this be a long and happy romance.

Juan Pablo Montoya - "This is a hard sport"
Juan Pablo Montoya entered Formula 1 with a fiery passion last seen in the likes of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. His on and off-track behaviour has sparked a lot of criticism from many ranks and he wants to set the record straight. The Colombian knows where he is heading and makes his intentions clear. He is not here to make a name for himself off-track, but on track through competitive driving and talent. In an interview with the Sunday Business' magazine "Business and Pleasure" Montoya says that it is not his aim to gain fame by any other means than on-track performance: "I'm not going about deliberately courting attention," he said. "I don't want to show off or anything, you show it on the track." He continues: "This is a hard sport. There are some people who have been here a long-time and because of that they think you have got to give them respect. I believe I am here because I can do a job. I'm not here to fight against anybody. When you make a mistake you say you're sorry, and I normally do that, but it's a tough business. I am not here to wave anyone through." His admiration for Sir Frank Williams can be seen in this comment: "That guy has been in a wheelchair since 1986. That guy is fitter than me! He does more training than me. His mind works so well. He is there to win races and get the best out of everybody, and he's bloody good at it. I'm very proud of being in his team." About his relationship with Ralf Schumacher: "We're not the best of friends, but we respect each other. The media loves making something of it. I think the most intimate conversation I've had with Ralf is a 'hi' or 'good job'." Montoya has since made podium and consistently challenged for position.

Olivier Panis on Honda
BAR driver, Olivier Panis gave Honda a vote of confidence by saying that the engine supplier will soon be winning races. While being in racing as long as BMW the Honda supplied teams are collecting the remaining points now that BMW is consistently challenging and also winning races. According to Panis, next year is the start of Honda's competitive streak: "I think Honda is in Formula One to win but I'm sure that next year we will have a completely new engine and that will be a big step up," said Panis whose team have already reviewed plans and details of next year's specification Honda engine. "This year the engine is quite good but we need more power to be honest," added Panis, "But everybody needs more power. I think Honda will make a very strong job for next year."

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