Canadian GP: Jaguar preview

With the eighth round of the Formula One Grand Prix Championship fast approaching, the Jaguar Racing team travels this week to Montreal in preparation for the 26th Canadian Grand Prix to take place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Since scoring...

With the eighth round of the Formula One Grand Prix Championship fast approaching, the Jaguar Racing team travels this week to Montreal in preparation for the 26th Canadian Grand Prix to take place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Since scoring two Championship points at the Nurburgring in Germany last weekend the team has been testing at Silverstone in the UK. The team completed a four-day test that saw Mark Webber (27) and Christian Klien (21) behind the wheel sharing driving duties. Working on continual developments and tyre work the team was pleased with their successful programme and is now looking forward to getting back on track this week.

Björn Wirdheim will be in the R5 on Friday morning when he will take to the track for the first time. Both he and Christian will be spending their first few laps working on familiarisation before moving swiftly on to tyres and brakes and the usual pre-race test list of balance and set-up.

Mark Webber:

"Montreal is one of the best races on the F1 calendar and for me personally one of the most enjoyable. The atmosphere at this race is fantastic and you can feel the excitement of the fans. The circuit itself provides the teams and drivers with a really unique challenge as the down force is quite low generally and you are combining what feels like a street-circuit with a race-track. There are some high-speed sections and then some slow 'street-like' corners. This is good fun for us but it is another story for the car. The brakes in particular have to be very good around here, sometimes you hear of people's brakes wearing out!"

"We have been testing in Silverstone this week and we were working on brakes so I am confident that the team have pulled together a good package. We also spent time working on additional developments as these tests are really the best opportunity to see how everything works on the car for me as the driver. I also very much like doing my testing work as it allows me an opportunity to provide the team with feedback at an early stage in the development process. I now go to Montreal very motivated and with the goal of adding more points to our tally of three so far."

Christian Klien:

"Another new track for me to race on and I can't wait. I have spoken to many people about the track and Montreal the city, and they have got me really excited about it. I was pleased to have finished my last race at the Nurburgring and I would like to finish again in Montreal. In order to prepare myself for the circuit I have been spending quite a lot of time on my play station. It definitely helps knowing the track in advance so that you know what to expect on your initial laps."

"I have been working a lot this last week with my engineers and I have spent three days testing at Silverstone with them. We have managed to cover a lot of laps and we have been working on all sorts of things from brakes and tyres to some new developments. The R5 is feeling very good for me and I enjoy driving it. Making sure the balance and set-up is correct is very important to the feel of the car and I know that on Friday I will be spending a lot of my time on familiarisation as well as set-up."

Björn Wirdheim:

"I have never been to Canada so this is a first for me. My experience from F3000 stands me in good stead for the European circuits but for this one, it's all down to play station and information from previous years that my engineers have provided me with. From what I understand the circuit is flat and thus requires a lot of engine power."

"The down force required is relatively low and there are some overtaking opportunities. I will be using my first couple of laps for familiarisation and then it will be full speed ahead on my testing programme. I am probably going to be spending much of my time on brakes and tyres. The track is very tough on brakes but I know that we have been working alongside our partners Brembo Brakes and Carbon Industries and are going well prepared."

"Since Nurburgring I have been into the factory to see the team and also up at Silverstone watching the testing. I also managed to support a sponsor day with HSBC so it has been pretty busy. I am now excited about going to Canada and helping the team move up the grid."

Dr Mark Gillan - Head of Vehicle Performance:

"The Gilles Villeneuve circuit is an interesting and testing race-track and as a team we all enjoy going there. The R4 (last year's car) suited the lay-out and we secured two championship points. We will of course be looking to do the same or better, here this year with Mark and Christian."

"The track is very hard on the brakes and cars regularly lose their brakes altogether. We are confident in this specific area as we have spent much time monitoring wear and optimising cooling and the results are encouraging. The down force is medium to low with the aeroscan being reasonably flat. Engine power is, not surprisingly, extremely important around this circuit."

"We have been continuing to work alongside Cosworth Racing to push forward with developments on the CR6 - V10. They continue to take steps forward and we are very pleased with the base engine reliability this year so far. Finally we are confident that our Michelin tyres should prove strong this weekend and we look forward to a good qualifying and more importantly an exciting and productive race."

David Pitchforth - Managing Director:

"It's an incredibly busy time for the team at the moment as we enter another back-to-back race weekend. Since the Nurburgring race we have been focusing on testing and development. We have spent four days at Silverstone where we completed our testing programme satisfactorily. Our drivers, Mark, Christian and Björn are all extremely motivated to deliver for the team and we are eager to add some more points to our score. The R5 has good pace and we are building on this to ensure that we optimise this performance during the race."

"Qualifying two drivers as high as possible is the aim for Canada and then capitalising on this to get points from both drivers. It's important that we start to see the results that we know the team is capable of. We have been working extremely hard alongside our partners Michelin and our sister companies Cosworth Racing and Pi Research. We continue to pull together and I look forward to seeing the results. Canada is a good competitive race and I am keen to see the guys on track getting the most out of the R5 and making the most of any points opportunity."


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