Canada a litmus test for fuel flow trickery

The Canadian Grand Prix will show whether or not some teams were exploiting Formula 1's fuel flow rules earlier this year, claims Renault's F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul.

As revealed last month, the FIA told teams over the Spanish GP weekend that it had launched a fresh clampdown on trick fuel systems.

In particular, it wanted to ensure that no outfits were cleverly storing fuel beyond the FIA's fuel flow meters that could then be used under acceleration for a quick power boost.

Although there appears to have been little change in the competitive order since the technical directive was issued, the Canadian GP could deliver a different picture.

Track characteristics

That is because Montreal's long straights and heavy acceleration demands are the ideal stomping ground for such tactics – so any big change in form will suggest some teams were playing around in that area earlier this year.

Speaking to, Abiteboul said: "The clarification on the fuel flow is an interesting one.

"You didn't see it much in Monaco, but it will be interesting to see how it plays in Canada because it is a very different track.

"So any adjustment to the fuel flow will have a massive impact on the very long straight there."

Renault eager to see outcome

Although recent inspections by the FIA of teams' fuel systems have not uncovered anyone being in breach of the regulations, it does not mean teams were not playing around with fuel flow earlier in the year.

Ferrari is believed to have been the target of the push to force the FIA to take a tougher stance – even though the Italian outfit is adamant that it is running exactly the same fuel system now as it was earlier in the year.

Abiteboul said his French bosses were eager to see what happened this weekend.

"It was a useful clarification that has been made, and I think we are still to see the real impact on a proper high power sensitivity track," he explained.

"This TD [FIA technical directive] was done for Barcelona, and also Barcelona is not a high performance power-sensitive track.

"Canada will be the case, which is where we will see the impact on the TD on respective positions."


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