Button says Mercedes doing nothing wrong


McLaren driver Jenson Button says Mercedes is not doing anything wrong by dominating Formula One, despite Red Bull' calls for change.

Red Bull has led calls to the FIA to act on Mercedes' superiority, claiming it fears fans will be turned off by the ease with which the German squad is dominating the sport.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has sided with Red Bull, saying the FIA has a mechanism in place to stop a team from dominating if it feels it has an unfair advantage.

Button, however, insists there is nothing wrong with what Mercedes is doing, and that it is up to the opposition to raise its game.

And the Briton reckons Red Bull would not be complaining if it was the one doing all the winning.

"There's nothing really to ban, because it doesn't look like Mercedes are doing anything other teams aren't doing," said Button.

"They're told they're damaging the sport. So it's a difficult situation. It stops people from wanting to be the best.

"It obviously would be better for the sport if there were different people fighting at the front but it's not Mercedes fault.

"Would Red Bull be upset about it if they were the team out front by one second? No."


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