British GP winners' press conference

Q Well, Jacques your second career win in a total of ten races, you must be absolutely delighted? JV Yeah, I'm very happy. After the first win we had a few good results but we're most of the time second behind Damon, so we really...

Q Well, Jacques your second career win in a total of ten races, you must be absolutely delighted?

JV Yeah, I'm very happy. After the first win we had a few good results but we're most of the time second behind Damon, so we really wanted to put one on him.

Q You had a good start and then you pushed very hard initially, building up a good lead, that must have been very reassuring?

JV Yeah, we had a pretty good start. Jean Alesi had an even better one and it was a good fight into turn one but, once I was in the lead and I knew Damon wasn't second, I pushed really hard so if he was able to get second and then he could run quickly, at least I would have a bit gap.

Q Half way through you built up a lead of about 30 seconds, did you have any difficulty concentrating once you were so far out ahead?

JV No, because after the pit stop I was just behind Jean and I knew he was on one pit stop so it was important to keep pushing until I had finished my second pit stop to see where we were.

Q Gerhard, we haven't seen you since San Marino, it must be great to be back in the top three?

GB Well yeah, it's a hard season for me and for my team so that's why we are very happy about the result today. I had not a very good position on the starting grid. My start was okay, but Eddie Irvine was quite hard in the first corner and he goes for it. I didn't want to take any risk because I need to get points. I need to get the team confident. I need points for the constructors championship, so I didn't get in any fight and once I was eighth, so I just pushed. I know I was on one stop and that most of the cars in front of me was on two stops so I just had to keep with them going and I know I am going to be in front of them all and once I was free I pushed very hard. I slowly caught Jean and just when I was behind him, I think he starts to get a bit brake problems and actually myself too and I start to play a bit on the brake balance and I get it just right until some laps before the end and then I had really brake problems on the slow down.

Q We saw that on the television, we saw a pit board with 'cool brakes' for you, do you think you could have passed Jean if neither of you had had no problems?

GB Well, you never know. I caught him in the second set of tyres because in the first set I wasn't happy with the tyre pressure. The car didn't handle nice but after I had stopped and I had the second set of tyres on I felt good and I could come immediately closer to Jean, so you never know. The last race I couldn't overtake him because he didn't do a mistake. This race, I don't know, maybe I could.

Q Mika, your first finish in the top three this year. The last time we saw you was in Japan, bearing in mind what's happened in Australia and everything, this must be a very emotional moment for you to be back on the podium?

MH Well, I don't know it's emotional but it is a fantastic feeling. I mean, these two guys were too quick today. I mean, there is no chance to catch them or overtake them or anything and I had to just to keep my position and go maximum with the car and go and it brought me a third position, which is absolutely more than I expected to come here in this British grand prix.

Q You had a fantastic start and then had quite a long battle with Damon. When Damon made a move and had a car failure going off the track, were you aware of that? Could you see that in your mirrors or not?

MH Yeah, he was all the time very close to me on the first part of the section, which I knew that his car was definitely better in the first section, and he was always catching he in Hangar Straight and staying on my tail in Stowe and then I kind of pull away in a couple of corners and there he came again behind and one point we came out of the complex, through the main pit straight, across the start finish line and we were heading for the Copse, which is the first corner of the track, and there he was again very close behind and suddenly he disappeared from the mirrors. I guess he went a bit wide.

Q Jacques, Hockenheim, do you know the circuit there at all? What are your feelings about going on to the German grand prix?

JV No, I've never been there. It's a pretty quick track from what I've heard. It's not too complex and we've got a pretty efficient car on downforce, so I'm looking forward to that one.

-- David Goodwin

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