Bring it on Vettel haters

Congrats to Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team. Lets hear from all the haters!

Sebastian Vettel won the 2013 Drivers World Title.

Congratulations to both him and the Red Bull Racing team.

Four years running. Not many have been able to accomplish this. Yet the guy gets booed on the podium, gets ripped apart in online forums, and I really don’t understand it at this point.

Do not get me wrong. When Jimmie Johnson won his titles back to back to back, I was a hater. But I was a silent hater. I didn’t log on to rip the guy. I didn’t hit Twitter or Facebook to tell the world he sucks, despite the massive success.

But really, every single comment against someone doesn’t rightly matter. What does Vettel care if Twitter handle @AlonsoFan says “He doesn’t deserve it, his car is better than everyone else’s,” to the worldwide web? He doesn’t.

I remember working at my local airport many moons ago, and there was this huge race fan guy who worked for Canada Post. He would come in each day and we would talk racing. He forecasted the success of Vettel…long before I even knew the name. He is a fantastic driver no matter what you put him in, open wheel at least. Just look at the win with Toro Rosso… Jean Eric Verne has not had the same results…

I am looking forward to next season. We assume that it will be the final car that Adrian Newey design’s before going boating, and I hope it is a challenger as well. Vettel will cruise to his fifth straight, with big time competition from the Ferrari super team.

I am also impressed with the fans at the Indian GP. I did not hear boos, I heard cheering, which he deserves.

However, while I can admit to be impressed with the young German, I do have to say that racing can get very stale really fast when the only competition that occurs is for second and third place.

There will be a fall from grace. Racing is a cruel lady. Maybe it will be Newey’s departure from the team, or maybe Ferrari, or Lotus will find some gold mine and build the top car. Maybe it will be an injury that keeps him out of the car for a week or two. But you cannot be dominant forever.

He is the best driver in the best car currently in Formula One. Period. I enjoy watching all the Alonso lovers or Hamilton loves squirm because of his success. So keep it up haters…you are almost more entertaining than NASCAR.

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